Mikia Black

Even before her car accident, Mikia Black struggled with finding the right job and a clear path toward a bright future.

But the horrible accident in September of 2014 only set her further back. A single mother of two young boys, Mikia was in a coma for 32 days and faced months of rehab and recovery from her injuries. In 2015, she went through the Ohio Works First (OWF) program, managed by Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley, and participated in the Job Search, Job Readiness Class.

Her dream was to become a dental assistant, but due to her physical challenges and permanent disabilities, she had to accept that her dream may not be possible. Thankfully, after going through the program, Mikia learned about the open OWF position at GESMV and decided to apply.

Now, Mikia is the OWF Assistant and provides support to the participants who struggle finding a job, just as she struggled a few years ago. She is again living independently and raising her two boys.

6 comments on “Mikia Black

  1. Mikia Black on

    Mikia, I have listened to your story and I was very impressed. I met you when you started at Goodwill and because of your smile and your happy go lucky ways, I would of never thought that you had gone threw the things you did.(Strong young lady.) God is good and he new that bringing you through your would shine a light for all to see. May GOD keep shinning his light on you and your family.

  2. GESMV Employee on

    Mikia, (aka Mikadia LOL) I know we both were nervous for your first day with the SNAP program here at Goodwill. But look at us now…we are a great team – always hitting home runs, scoring touchdowns and goals with our clients cheering us on with “Above and Beyond” nominations. I can say that Goodwill made an awesome decision to hire you as the SNAP Assistant. I am so thankful and feel so lucky to have the privilege to work with such a strong and positive woman. You are just an all around awesome lady; from co-worker, to friend, to mother, to sister etc…. I could go on and on. I look forward to the many years of us working together as well as the friendship we have built to become stronger each and every day. Keep your head held high and your light shining with your smile girl – you’re going to be going places, that’s for sure – I can see it. Much respect! – Karrie

  3. Debbie McBride on

    My friend, I knew you were someone special the first day I met you. But after hearing your story I know just how special you are. You always have a smile even when I call with a problem. You are an inspiration.

  4. Brenda J Knowlin on

    I thank God that you are still here, God knows his people and you are one of them. I love your story and it is heart breaking, but you made it, and I am so very Proud of you for being so strong. So God Bless you and I only wish you the best through Life with your family. God Bless You Always. Love You very Much Ms. Brenda J Knowlin.


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