Generation RX – Prescription Medication Safety Virtual Training

Learn about best practices in medication safety including the best ways to use your medication, dispose, and store medication.


About this Event

Prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication has the potential to do harm—

especially when misused. In fact, the misuse of prescription medications has become a serious public health epidemic.

Millions of Americans misuse prescription medications each month, and thousands do so for the first time every day.

This misuse leads to serious legal, social, and health consequences, with drug overdoses now representing the leading cause of

accidental death in the U.S.  The good news is that we can prevent prescription drug misuse by advocating for safe medication practices in

our homes and in communities.

Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley Prevention Team is offering this virtual training to encourage all of our community members to be safer in their homes around medications. Our team will discuss best practices in medication safety including the best ways to use medication, best practices around medication disposal, and best practices for medication storage.
Community members will be connected to area resources to make their homes safer around medication. Please join the Goodwill Easterseals Prevention Team to learn more about medication safety.

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