I recently attended my family reunion and it is always good to see family you’ve not seen in a while.  I was able to meet new additions to the family, such as, the new babies, kin who’ve married into the family and so on…

My mother and a few of my cousins who are in their golden years, are matriarchs of the family. It’s an honor to sit among them and absorb the knowledge they have to offer.

As we conversed, ate, danced, and loved on one another, I began to think, where would I be without family. Family is the core of your beginnings.

Through my posts you already know I’m a part of the Super Coopers Family. Their support has made a great deal in my life to the point that I credit them for a lot of my success. My family has taught me things from how to defend myself to how to drive. Throughout my life many changes have occurred, but one thing that has remained constant, is my family.

Although I strive to be as independent as my body allows, sometimes I just need help due to my physical disability. Currently, I have a caregiver that has been assisting me for the past five months and it’s going ok, but as we know the caregiver profession field has great turn-around; meaning you may have a caregiver today, but he or she may be gone tomorrow. When this happens, you need back-up and back-up for me is my family. They’re always Jonny on the spot no matter when I need them. I am aware that every family’s dynamic is different but, it’s my hopes that all families can find common ground because at the end of day, family is the tie that binds us together.

Family means everything to me and, family also means a lot to my friend Cindy. Cindy, tell the blog-nation what family means to you.

Well, Shari, I come from an Italian-German family and from a young age it was instilled into me that there is nothing but family.  Many traditions were set from a young age and I continue to try and keep them going.  As I grow older and watch the first generation pass on, it becomes more important to carry on the legacy.

With that in mind, many people already know about my son Kyle, who is developmentally delayed.  It has been a struggle these past few years with having staff available for him.  He is 32 and rents ½ a double.  He needs staff 24/7 to help him cook, dress, go out in the community and just the day to day care.  Yes, Kyle is mobile and verbal, but he is not able to live on his own.  There have been many challenges through his 32 years of life, but as a family, we seem to always overcome them and do what we need to do to help Kyle.  I always worry about what is next for Kyle, when I have passed on; so, I continuously push for accountability with his care givers and the community he lives in.

The shining light is that, Kyle has 2 sisters and a few uncles that will be there for him.  But if it wasn’t for family support, Kyle would not have a quality of life.  I worry about others who do not have that support.  Maybe one day, we can ban together and become their family support?  But until then, lets do what we can to support others and just maybe 1 more individual can feel that support!

Thanks, for sharing Cindy.

As you can tell, Cindy and I cherishes family. It’s our hopes you find the value and love in yours that found in ours.

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