Winning Winnie!

Winnie Harlow is the new fashion “IT” girl!

Winnie, who’s one of the world’s most well-known models, has vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes skin to be embedded in white patches.  She has just been confirmed to walk in the yearly anticipated televised, Victoria Secret Fashion Show which will occur Sunday December 2nd at 10 pm.

Harlow first broke into stardom when appearing on the television show, America’s Next Top Model.

All disabilities present their own challenges, but it’s probably harder when your disability makes you look different. Winnie says, she was called names as a kid and was bullied, so much that she changed schools a few times.  Winnie even shares the story things got so bad, she tried to commit suicide. I appreciate Winnie’s honesty for it takes a strong person to be able to talk about things from their past that caused great despair. If you can find strength to share your challenges with others, it might help someone who’s in the same predicament and give he or she hope for happier days to come. By Winnie sharing her story, it has probably helped more people than she’ll ever know.

Winnie’s career has blossomed over the years. She modeled for top designers including Dior and Elle in the UK. Now, she’s going to be in the fashion show walking the run-way; the same runway that the greatest Victoria Models have graced through the years like Tyra Banks and Gisele.

We all have dreams and some seem as if they’ll never come true. If you stay focused and positive minded, the world has a way of shifting.  It may just bring you opportunities that are so mind-blowing that you just have to say “thank you” and go with them.

Winnie has shown the world that being beautiful is much more than what you look like on the outside. You must have qualities such as strength, confidence and the heart to get people to notice you. Many people have beautiful faces but no heart. Haven’t you heard that saying, “he or she is just another pretty face. The world requires much more than just beauty to succeed in life.

I can’t wait to see Winnie strut across the runway. There’s even talk about her wearing the famous Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings. In case you’re not in the know, when you are chosen to wear the angel wings, that means You’re the Bomb!

Congratulations Winnie! You are definitely a role model to many and that includes me. May you keep on winning in life.

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