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Older white man with glasses, moustache and ball cap. Is smiling.

From participant to retirement

Almost 20 years ago, Vic Ketring died. Last week, his family and colleagues celebrated the much-loved GESMV employee’s retirement from the organization he says brought him back to life. Ketring, lead maintenance worker with the Maintenance department, came to the agency in 1997 as a participant in the vocational rehabilitation program. A near-fatal wreck that... Read more »
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Young Black woman is GoodGuides mentor, standing at podium, wearing yellow high school graduation gown and cap.

Meadowdale valedictorian is GoodGuides success

I have been in the GoodGuides program for more than four years, as both a mentee and a mentor. This program has been very beneficial in every area of my life. The Goodwill GoodGuides program is important because of the personal and influential impact it had on me. I have accumulated knowledge of life lessons,... Read more »
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Tin Man from Wizard of Oz, drawn with a heart

Tin Man Syndrome

Winter is flu and cold season, but did you know it’s also Tin Man Syndrome season? Each winter I catch this particular case around late November. I must admit it’s a made-up syndrome created by yours truly, but it’s real to me and some of my closest friends are bothered by it, too. If you’ve... Read more »
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Participant of the Month: Jamie Kirk

From a childhood filled with communication difficulty to flourishing as an assistant at a local farmer’s market, January 2017 Participant of the Month Jamie Kirk is a young man on the move. Jamie’s mother, Lisa Kirk credits this to years of hard work and the support of many professionals along the journey. As a child,... Read more »
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