Go Green! Recycle Your Computers and Electronics

Computer and Electronic Recycling

Recycling is an effective way of conserving resources. E-cycling is a viable solution that promotes a cleaner and safer environment as it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, saves energy, and conserves natural resources while keeping these items out of our community landfills. Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley in conjunction with our Goodwill Stores and Donation Centers make it easy for you to dispose of your used computers and electronics. Find out how below.

Computer and Electronic Recycling

Computer Recycling - Individuals

Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley will recycle your used home computers and accessories and keep them out of our local landfills. Individuals seeking to donate home computers or electronics are invited to drop them off at one of our many convenient Goodwill Store and Donation Centers.

Corporate/Business Computer Recycling

Is your business or company looking to recycle your old computer systems and electronics. Be Green!
Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley can help you recycle you’re your businesses computers and accessories and keep them out of the landfill.

If your business is looking to donate your computers or electronics, please fill out the contact form below for a price quote for your e-cycling needs.

Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley will charge a pickup fee and other e-cycling charges associated
with the recycling.
• Trip Charge:
$50 - $100 (depending on your business location)

• Computer/Electronics pick up:
10 cents per pound

• Certificate of Destruction (when requested to destroy hard drives):
$1.00 per hard drive