A great start makes all the difference

GESMV Children and Youth Services

We want to help children in our community, particularly those with a disability, get a good start in life. No matter the age we can play an important role in helping them achieve independence.

GESMV Children and Youth Services
Little boy smiling during alphabet lesson with his speech therapist.

Child Screening Service

At no cost to you, GESMV provides an annual, center-wide screening within home-based or center-based child care programs. Pending parental permission, a trained child outreach coordinator will conduct on-site screenings using the Brigance screening tool for children from birth to five years old.

African American man is smiling at the camera as he straps his newborn daughter into car seat.

Car Seat Safety Program

The Car Seat Safety Program provides free car seats and training
for families that are economically disadvantaged. Offering the class
ensures that parents and caregivers know how to properly install and
use car seats, which mean children stay safe.