Car Seat Safety Program

The Car Seat Safety Program provides free car seats and training for families that are economically disadvantaged. Offering the class
ensures that parents and caregivers know how to properly install and use car seats, which means children stay safe.
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Car Seat Safety Program

What is the Car Seat Safety Program?

Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley understands that safety seats can be expensive to purchase, and sometimes difficult to use
properly. We also know that safely securing your child when he or she is riding in the car can help prevent injuries or deaths that
often result from crashes. If you benefit from the WIC program or are eligible for Medicaid, we can help you keep your child safe
during transportation by providing a child passenger safety seat.  At this time you must be a resident of Montgomery County, OH.


How We Can Help

  • Safety Seats – If you live in the greater Miami Valley region and
    meet eligibility requirements, you can benefit from this valuable
    service made possible by our local partnerships. A donation per
    seat is requested.
  •  Certified Technicians – A certified technician will assist you
    with the installation of your new safety seat. You do not need to
    have a vehicle to receive a car seat, but it is best to install the
    seat in the vehicle your child will be riding in most.
  • Education – Through a video and information session, you’ll
    learn about the stages of safety seat use so that even after you
    receive your car seat you’ll know how to keep your child safe
    as he or she grows up.
  • Resources – If you or someone you know would like additional
    information about child passenger safety and the safe
    transportation of children, we can provide educational materials
    about special needs and travel safety for anyone who is caring
    for your child.

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