Providing care, counseling, and wellness for mind and spirit

GESMV Behavioral Health Services

Individuals with mental illness or addiction challenges need support and guidance in order to manage their lives effectively. Our programs focus on recovery and skills-training to provide a foundation for success and self-sufficiency.

GESMV Behavioral Health Services
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Main Street Recovery Center

The GESMV Main Street Recovery Center provides counseling, diagnostic assessment, and case management for people dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues. The program also offers mental health services for children, as well as individual and group counseling sessions. In addition, we offer psychiatry services, including Medication Assisted Treatment for substance abuse issues.

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Miracle Clubhouse

At the heart of the Miracle Clubhouse is the belief that every member can sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personally satisfying and productive life. Together, members and staff participate in activities that provide a solid foundation for growth, self-respect and individual accomplishment. Decision making and governance involves members and staff working together to develop Clubhouse plans and policies.