16 Steps and Counting (Update)

Today is Women’s Health Fitness Day. To commemorate the day, I thought I’d give you an update on my progress on learning how to walk again.

Since last reported, I’ve surpassed my 16 steps! I’m doing so well I’ve started doing laps around the dining room. My stamina is much better. It used to be after I finished with the 16, I was wiped. Now, I find myself wanting to keep going. Music has a lot to do with my motivation to move. I just bought a big Blue Tooth speaker and when connected to Salt-N-Pepa which happens to be my favorite Pandora workout station, I become a workout beast.

I’m still not ready to walk on concrete yet because I’m fearful that I will fall. I don’t want risk breaking a bone or skinning up my face. That could really set me back and kill my motivation continuing to step. Right now, I’m just going to stay within my limits and not push myself too hard since it’s going so well.

I no longer have a physical therapist because Medicaid only allows a person a limited amount of time to utilize this service in a year.  So now, I’m my own therapist.

As a woman with a disability, I can honestly say, staying physically fit is very important me. When I was sitting idle, I could actually feel everything I ate begin to move down to my thighs. I was beginning to feel heavy. My movements, like standing and pivoting, were starting to become harder. The disability of Cerebral Palsy makes my muscles and joints stiff. Gaining weight only adds more strain to the situation.

Learning of my family history also makes me want to stay fit. Many of the women in my family suffer with high blood pressure which, as fate would have it, so do I. My high blood pressure is managed by medication but working out helps tremendously as well.

Women have a lot to deal with. These days, women are caregivers, breadwinners and homemakers. We do it all. Keeping fit is just part of the plan. Most have a strong desire to stay fit for health reasons. And, women love when the clothes we pick to wear actually fit. It’s even better when a woman realizes she’s lost weight and can downsize a size or two. Plus, women just like looking good. It’s in our nature.

Women’s fitness is important in order to maintain a healthy life. Taking steps has been good for my overall fitness. I’m never going to stop stepping as long as I have the strength. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Cheryl Wood on

    Thanks again Shari, you are an inspiration and your words help me too. I agree that it’s best to stay within your limits. Keep us posted!


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