Football With My Bros

I was a girly-girl growing up. I liked my Barbie dolls, Easy Bake Oven, I played kitchen with mini appliances and dishes. I didn’t think I was going to be the girl who grew up to actually like the game of football, until I was drafted by my brothers.

I am the baby girl of the Cooper Family. Frills and ruffles were what I was all about. Although, all that cute stuff was good when hanging with my mother and sister, it was a whole different ball game when I hung out with my brothers; Wayne, Dean, Mark and Jay.

My brothers would sit around all weekend long watching football. It was as if there was no escaping football for at least two days. Monday even has the night dedicated to the game.  I, on the other hand, liked playing Uno and Monopoly and since I thought football was the stupidest game on earth, my brothers just let it go.  But, knowing I wanted their attention as a little sister does, my brothers finally invited me to sit down and watch the games with them.

That invitation turned out to be one of the best invites I ever received.

I began to learn the ins and outs of the game such as first downs and touch backs. Offsides, field goal and ten yard penalty are all football terms that I started to understand. Then I started learning player’s names; Boomer, George, Payton.  And, the positions they played; quarterback, tight-end and kicker. Talk about upping my cool factor!  My brothers turned me into a cool football sista! I can now talk more football trash than they can. What was best about game day was that I got to hang-out with my brothers. That was our special bonding time.

These days, as I am draped in my Bengals football attire just like my brothers, I watch football with my honey, who happens to be a die-hard Steelers fan. Talk about opposites attracting!  The Bengals and Steelers are one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL.  And, yes, I talk trash to my honey, just like my brothers taught me, while eating wings and celery sticks with ranch dressing. I really love football finger food. It’s another reason to love football – the food is so accessible!

No matter what, I still find time to talk to my brothers on game day for we share fond memories together. Plus, I credit my brothers for helping me with my love connection. Ladies, if you ever want to get on a man’s good side, talk football!

Hope you’re ready for football season because it’s about to go down! Who Dey!



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