Married life-The story of 40 years going strong

Their story began in 1975. Debbie and Mack went to the same high school but only had one class together. A short time after they began talking, Mack told Debbie “We will get married someday”. Mack and Debbie dated for one year (and one week) and were married in her father’s living room on December 23rd, 1976. 3 months after getting married Mack enlisted into the Air Force.  While in the Air Force for 19 years, their marriage was filled with adventures! They lived in 6 different states including Alaska, their favorite. Military life has also been the toughest part of being married, with so many rules, moves and deployments, and weeks spent without one another.

When asked about how they’ve stayed happily married all these years they said they try to do things together and to make the best of the situations they are presented with. They don’t argue much but when they do, they cool off then talk about it. Mack and Debbie both consider the other their best friend. They don’t do much without the other. They share chores and household responsibilities as well as many of the same hobbies. Some of their favorite things to do together include camping and shooting, to which Debbie said she is “a better shot” and Mack agreed, but replied “I taught you well”. They also enjoy performing in 1840’s fur trader and revolutionary war time re-enactments, along with jewelry making and photography.

Mack and Debbie have lived in the Dayton area since the early 1990’s. Debbie has been involved with GESMV for 5 years as a member of the Miracle Clubhouse and is a receptionist at our Main Street Campus. Mack is a Senior Community Service Employment Program participant. He does his training in the Business Skills Lab at our Main Street Campus.

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  1. Michelle Feltz on

    If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with Mack and Debbie, you can see and feel the love that they have for one another 🙂 Thank you for sharing their story.


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