What Recovery Means To Me

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In honor of National Recovery Month, here’s a story from today’s guest-blogger and Miracle Clubhouse Member, Reginald. Enjoy!


In my experience so far, I have encountered various bumps in the road or what some people call potential “blockers” or walls on the road of life.  Although I still have many potential “blockers” to get past, I have gotten through some. I feel the only way I have done that is by first realizing the issue that I’m trying to recover from in fact does exist.  Then I try to understand how and why it affects me.  Next, I find what I feel is the most logical way for me to remove the issue from my environment (this sometimes means removing myself from certain environments or people).  Next, I find something or someone to replace the void with or a new outlet (someone or something more healthy and positive), and I look for my next issue to tackle.

Now what recovery means to me-

To me, recovery means to be in the process of leaving behind something or maybe even someone harmful to me.  It means having a plan while still understanding that no matter how much progress I feel I make, I remind myself I may never be fully cured but that I must continually take steps to maintain my progress, like exercise.  So, to me, recovery is a process to be worked on, on a regular basis, and recalculated when I feel that results are not what I would like them to be.  In closing, when working hard on recovery and feeling like it works, recovery is rejuvenating!


  • Reginald, Miracle Clubhouse Member

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  1. Linda Fischbach on

    Reginald, What an impressive blog! Congratulations on the progress you have made to overcome your “blockers”. You understand what you need to do to stay on top of things and you are doing it!
    Well written!


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