16 Feet

I don’t know how many of you know but I used to be able to walk. I wasn’t the best walker but I managed to be stable on my feet for thirty-two years with no assistance or medical equipment. I was also the best electric slider in Dayton!

Life happens, and as a result, my muscles weakened and left me without the ability to walk.  I once heard someone say “humans don’t get mad, they get angry.” But, I’m here to tell you that  I was MAD, angry, depressed, disappointed, disgusted — well you get the point.

I know we’re not supposed to question why things happen but I did. And, if you will, hold on to that did until the end of this post.

My faith is very strong and I know I had and still have many who send up prayers on my behalf. For this reason alone I was able to pull through the darkest time of my life.  I’m very thankful for that.

I’ve tried physical therapy a few times in the past. I even tried intensive therapy where I stayed in a facility for two weeks. Therapy is very draining! You have to use muscles you haven’t used in a while and it can hurt at times, but it’s worth it. Because of therapy, I’m able to restroom myself, sit on my soft sofa, get in and out of the bed, stand and pivot independently.

Although I was happy with my physical accomplishments, I still wanted to walk. It may sound funny, but at times I can visualize myself walking. Just to keep it real, I have always known once my muscles weakened I would probably never be able to walk like I used to but I still wanted to walk a little for my own self-gratification.

After eight weeks of being in therapy and working hard, guess who just walked sixteen feet? Yes, yours truly got a walker and starting stepping one, two and by the time I knew, I was gone. My pace is slow and I still have a long way to go but at least I’m on my feet again. I will not be partaking in any marathons but I’m overjoyed just to be able to step. While up, I even managed to get my stand-still dance on. Don’t let the walker fool you!

Getting to sixteen feet was my challenge but I’m sure you have challenges of your own. Everyone does. I shared this with you to let you know, if you set your mind to something, have a good attitude, believe and never give up you can to make things happen. Only you can determine the outcome of your life.

Walking is still very hard and riding my scooter all day would be so much easier. As I think about it, the things I’ve accomplished in life that were hardest actually made me the happiest. And, in that hardest to happiest I found the answer to my question of did. If I’m this hyped over sixteen feet just wait until I make it to ninety.  I’m going to be over the moon!











36 comments on “16 Feet

  1. Marty ODell on

    You never cease to amaze me, Shari! God is not finished with you yet. I’m betting this is only the beginning. Choose Joy Marty

  2. Cheryl Wood on

    Fantastic Shari! I’m glad to know you’re hyped and won’t be defeated conquering and completing your Goals. You stretched yourself outside of your comfort zone. Congratulations – you have inspired me!

  3. Richard on

    God Bless you Shari , you continue to be an inspiration in so many ways … when you get to Ninety Steps, just know I want to be there with you in mind, body and spirits when you get to 100…I know you will.

  4. Nicole Neal on

    Way to go Shari! You are such an inspiration! I’m so blessed to get to work with you! Thanks for inspiring me to never give up on my dreams! YOU ROCK!

  5. Heide Kammer on

    Congratulations, Shari. You are an inspiration. You are in my thoughts and prayers for continued success in everything you want to accomplish. God bless.

  6. Linda pelfrey on

    Sherry, I really miss seeing you. Will have to figure out someway to get together outside of work 🙂 this is a wonderful article! Congrats to you 🙂

  7. Melissa on

    Shari, you’re absolutely amazing. I’m so happy for you. I know how hard you work and how committed you are to learning and succeeding. This was a wonderful read. Xoxo

  8. Holly Howard on

    I am so happy to hear you are walking again! I remember those days seeing you walking down the halls, stopping and chatting for a minute. You have always been, and will always be a pillar of strength and an inspiration to anyone that has the pleasure of meeting you!

  9. April Davis on

    Hi Shari, “THAT IS AWESOME & YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!” Yes, yes, yes! We CAN DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens us! May He continue to strengthen you as you continue to lean on Him and push your way through!
    April D.

  10. Michelle Feltz on

    Hi Shari! I remember those days and I remember when you were transitioning to the use of a scooter. We had a couple conversations and I know it was a challenge for you but you never let those around you know that you were feeling anger and disgust. You are a constant pillar of positivity. Always cheerful and warm, greeting all with joy and a beautiful smile. Thank you for sharing because we all struggle and we all need hope. We need a reminder that light will return even after the darkest of nights. Now to get to your comment about being the best electric slider in Dayton…I see a dance off in our future 🙂

  11. Glenda Pate on

    I love this story Shari Cooper you are so awesome!! I’m sure you will walk more than ninety steps soon because of your faith, determination and positive attitude. Keep stepping and Make it happen Shari!!!

  12. Marilyn Rutledge on

    This story made me tear up. You have the heart, mind and soul of a “go-getter”. Nothing can stop you. You are SO inspirational. I’m So proud of you! You’ll be strutting on that runway soon. Awesome story! You go girl!!!

    • Gayvonne Cherry on

      Shari, you are the absolute hero in my book….you have the courage, the mindset, the ability to do whatever you put your mind to. The over all support from everyone you come into contact with is amazing. Your story brought chills all through my body because it’s inspiring to me and to others, to get out and just do it! I am a true fan of yours…Congrats on your 16 feet! and many more to come…


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