Wonder Is Wonderful

Have you seen the movie, “Wonder”? If not, it’s a must see that will delight your heart and teach everyone a lesson in acceptances.

Wonder’s story-line is based around a boy named Auggie.  Auggie, who’s ten, has facial differences and has been home schooled, but is about to attend public school for the first time. I like Auggie was mainstreamed into public school in the seventh grade. Talk about a different world. Before being mainstreamed I attended Gorman School which back in the early 80’s was a school for kids with special needs. At Gorman, we kids were on same page as far as accepting disabilities because we all had one. When mainstreamed with kids without disabilities, some were mean and not mature enough to accept my disability. But, there were others that accepted me for who I was. The whole making friends at school thing is a process. If a kid is not strong enough or doesn’t have a good support system to handle this stage, it can really tear him or her down.

Auggie had to deal with what I hate to admit  is usually the typical  response when some kids “first” come into contact with other kids with disabilities unless they are taught differently. Stares, name calling, alienation, ignorance, physical abuse and all the other forms of bullying you could imagine. Unfortunately, this is what Auggie had to encounter.

I empathized with Auggie’s character because even though all disabilities come with their own set of challenges, I’d imagine having facial differences must be even harder to live with. Having to look at yourself daily and feel ugly must take a major hit on one’s self-esteem. Unless you’re hiding underneath something, which Auggie often did, facial differences is still a very noticeable disability. Still, with having a very noticeable disability or any disability, one has to find strength to live on and face another day in-order to make life good.

Although, Auggie was dealing with his issues so was his family. His mother loved him more than life itself. You could see and feel her pain when the world hurt her child’s feelings.  All she wanted for her son was to be ok. The sibling dynamic was interesting to watch for the sister loved her brother but felt neglected by her mother due to the time she spent with the brother. And, the father was trying to make sure his family was alright through everything.

I highly recommend you take time and see “Wonder”! Do me a favor invite a kid to watch this movie with you. There is so much bullying going on in the world today that maybe this movie will help kids to have compassion for other kids who have differences.

8 comments on “Wonder Is Wonderful

  1. Debbie on

    I had heard about Wonder but haven’t seen it yet. If kids aren’t taught differently they can be cruel. But for me I had a curiosity and the first time I saw a student who was different I would always ask why, what happened, questions like that. Since a very young age I have never seen disabilities of any kind. I always and still do see people who are unique and special like me and everyone else. Love you Shari you are more special than you realize. Thank you.

  2. Kathy Yarber on

    I agree, My grandson is getting a new student in his class with a mental disability and I was wondering how he will be with him or her. He does have a good heart but I think this movie will help him with giving other people chances too.

  3. Kierstyn Crawford on

    I’m so glad you made this recommendation! My boys read this book in their fifth grade class and LOVE it! For Christmas they asked for their own copy and I also found a daily reader to go along with it. Its called “365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Brown’s Precepts” and has different passages about being kind 🙂

    • Shari Cooper on

      Hey Kierstyn,
      Thanks for the comment. Happy to hear your boys LOVED the book. Hope they get to see the movie as well. I’m going to check out that daily reader 365 Days of Wonder. Thanks again.

  4. Vanessa Moore on

    I enjoyed reading your take on this movie! I agree that it is a wonderful film and book and gives very interesting perspectives! I can not wait to see it again!


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