28 Plus 1 Amazing People Celebrate Black History Month

Welcome to my annual list for Black History Month.  Help me celebrate these twenty-nine amazing people who I admire for stepping out and changing the world!

  1. Victor Pate Jr.-My nephew who’s co-owner of Fortitude Dayton, a person-centered company. As a person with a disability, it makes me proud that he’s providing a service to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.
  2. Sherri Shepherd-American actress, comedian, author, broadcaster, podcaster, and television host. Sherri’s talk show provides me with much laughter daily!
  3. Geno Mingo-Former professional football player who was the first African American to play the position as, placekicker. Thanks for showing the world that there’s no limit to the position a person can play.
  4. Hakeem Jefferies-US Congressman representing New York’s 8th congressional district. Elected first African American to hold position as House Minority Leader. He has opened the door for others to follow.
  5. Johnnie Lacy-Black rights disability activist who played an integral part in the independent living movement. It’s because of Johnnie I’m able to live independently and be a proud homeowner!
  6. Missy (Misdemeanor) Elliott-An American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Missy, thanks for making my body move when hearing your songs even when it doesn’t want too.
  7. Quinta Brunson-Writer, producer, actress, comedian who was the first to be nominated three times in the comedy category at the 74th Primetime Emmy’s. Her sitcom Abbott Elementary is one of my faves!
  8. Willis Blackshear Jr.-State Representative for Ohio 38th House District. Thanks for assisting in making Dayton, Ohio a better place to live.
  9. Lloyd Austin III-Secretary of Defense & retired United States Army Four Star General. Thanks for helping keep the country safe.
  10. Monae Dawson-A wonderful friend & Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley employee. Monae’s vibe will light up a room making everyone happy in her path.
  11. Vernon Jackson-Cincinnati barber who cuts hair for people with disabilities’. Thanks for your empathy in providing a well-needed service for people with disabilities.
  12. Nate Burleson-A Canadian-born American television host, football commentator, and former football player- Nate gets the morning started by his reporting the news and breaking down the game of football.
  13. Maia Chaka-First black woman hired by NFL as an on-field official. Maia is a prime example that girls/women can do anything.
  14. Musa Motha-First person to receive a group golden buzzer in Britian’s Got Talent. Musa inspires me to keep dancing.
  15. Lauren “Lolo” Spenser-Disability lifestyle influencer, model, actress, content creator, public speaker, independent spirit award-nominated actress. Lauren motivates me to keep “Making Things Happen.”
  16. Angel Reese-American college basketball player. Led LSU to its first national championship. Thanks for showing the world girls/women can ball.
  17. Kandi Burruss-American actress, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, producer, dancer, and television personality. Thanks for being an integral part of one of the shows I love, RHOA! It’s one of my guilty pleasures!
  18. Mike Epps-American stand-up comedian and actor. Mike provides great laughter for me throughout the day.
  19. T.D. Jakes-An American non-denominational Christian preacher. Thanks for providing the good news to the world!
  20. Robert Shuemak-An Ohio advocate and my friend. Robert shows the world how assistive technology can help people with disabilities as an Ohio Tech Ambassador.
  21. Fantasia Barrino-Taylor-American singer, actress, and American Idol’s third season winner. I thoroughly enjoy her performance in the remake of the movie/musical The Color Purple.
  22. Alice H. Parker-American inventor recognized for filed patent for the gas furnace. It is a great comfort to have a machine that keeps me warm during frigid days.
  23. Marie Van Brittan Brown-An American nurse and innovator who invented a home video security system along with her husband, Albert Brown. Thanks for creating a contraption to keep homes safe.
  24. Misael Morgan-First black female daytime Emmy winner. You keep me guessing in your portrayal of Amanda Sinclair in my favorite soap opera, The Young & The Restless.
  25. Usher Raymond IV-American singer, songwriter, and dancer. One of my favorite artists that I will be jamming out to during his halftime performance at Super Bowl 2024!
  26. Jericka Duncan-American national TV news correspondent for CBS in New York. Thanks for giving great news reports and for being a fashionista.
  27. Derrick Forward-American social activist and the 34th president of the Dayton Unit of NAACP. Derick assures social justice is upheld!
  28. CoCo Gauff-American professional tennis player who won the US Open in 2023. Thanks for showing the world that black girls are great at all sports including tennis.
  29. Jean Jeter-One of my favorite cousins who was affectionately know as cousin “Toots”. She was a great cousin and positive influence. I miss you dearly. Rest in peace.

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