45 & Fabulous

Guess who’s turning 45 on January 13? That would be me!  I can’t believe what a difference five years makes but these past years have been pretty good.

Five years ago when I first start blogging, one of my first posts was about turning 40. In the post I shared my thoughts on where I thought I should be in my life. Owning a house with a white picket fence and a dog named Rover, becoming a big time fashion designer in Paris, France, getting back on my feet full-time, and marrying Prince Charming were all on my list of what I’d envisioned for myself at the age of 40.

None of my goals had come to pass “back” then but I still managed to accomplished many things in which I’m very proud of.

I moved into my very first apartment a bit prior to 40. While there, I got a job doing multiple duties at Goodwill (note: my employer was named Goodwill when I first started), ironically I was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Ohio which would not have happened if I was on my feet full-time and although I hadn’t met Prince Charming, I was having fun dating!




My life was cool at 40 but I’m happy to say it has gotten even better! Let me start by letting you know I met a great guy and let’s just call him, Prince Darryl. He’s truly my soul mate. Remember that house I wanted to own? My guy and I bought it last May! Ranch style, major appliances included, attached garage, two bathrooms (one with a roll-in-shower), picture window, three bedrooms with one dedicated just for all my shoes. Haven’t got Rover yet but I foresee him in my very near future and he will be named Tiny.






I’m now the Public Relations Assistant at Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley providing disability 101 talks, blogs and customer services about programs we offer to the community. I’ve also been blessed being sought out throughout the state to present, emcee events and share my stories of life and topics that impact people with disabilities.




As far as getting back on my feet, I’m back! It’s not a full-time thing but I’m grateful for the steps I’ve been taking on my walker. If I keep on keeping on and stepping a little at a time, it can only get better.

Becoming a big time fashion designer in Paris, France wasn’t in the cards for me but I still love to shop! Fashion is my passion.

I’m convinced that if you’re not where you think you should be it’s because there’s much more growing you need to do. When it’s time for you to move and receive your blessings, you won’t have to find them instead they will find you. I tell you this from personal experience. Be encouraged and know you are where you should be. It only takes a second to change your circumstance. I feel forty-five is going to be a even greater age for me.

23 comments on “45 & Fabulous

  1. Amanda Williams on

    You go girl! 45 will have endless possibilities for you and with the attitude you have whatever you put your mind to you will accomplish! Here’s to an awesome 2018!

  2. Kim on

    WOW, what a difference five years makes! I loved reading this retrospective and the “walk” down memory lane. Seems like we’ve known each other a lifetime, really.
    I am so excited for you and your next 45 years!
    Happy, happy birthday Shari!

  3. Dave Burrows on

    This is AWESOME Shari. I am so happy for you. Have a very happy birthday on Saturday. 45 is the new 25! May the next 45 years be better than the first. Keep telling your story and lifting people up. Thank you for sharing this Shari!

  4. Dawn Bixler on

    Loved your story Shari! You were awesome and beautiful at 40 and even more so at 45!! Enjoy and celebrate as I know you will!!

  5. Debbie on

    Shari, you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Your beautiful and determined. And I really don’t buy that you are 45. Stay strong and keep on walking.

  6. Linda Fischbach on

    Shari, You are an inspiration to me and so many! Thank you for being so open and sharing your blogs which empower and encourage all of us to be our best. May 2018 be a year of continued blessings for you. Happy, happy birthday to you!

  7. Mary Pfeil on

    Happy birthday, Shari! Mother nature spared you a big snowstorm on your birthday. It’s easier to make memories when one is not buried under snow! I like your prospective on the past 5 years. May the next 5 years be just as great!

  8. Vanessa on

    Shari, I have read your article over and over and it inspires me every time I read it. You are an amazing lady and truly blessed. You keep walking with that walker, keep your faith in God and he will provide you with the strength you need to only get better. Happy 45 and many more to come.


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