500 And Counting

Last week on March 12th a Facebook memory popped up that really got me excited!

The memory was from 2012. I did my first blog introducing Shari Cooper, myself, and blogger-in-chief, to the world. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over eleven and a half years. To be honest, before I started, I didn’t even know what a blog was.

Thanks to Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley (GESMV), who thought my life experiences needed to be shared to others, the blog, Make Things Happen, is a great success. Before I began blogging, I researched the process and then was introduced to a few local amazing bloggers to gather information. After that, the blog was launched at a GESMV’s event. After that, it took off.

At first, the blogs did not have much of an audience, but once I put my marketing skills to work, it was on and “cracking”, as the young people say. Each week I would send out an email to my list serve introducing my current blog along with a link. I also gave my audience a blurb of the next blog to come. I would also post every blog to the GESMV’s Facebook page, along with sharing it on my own personal page. To this day, I still do the same thing to make this blog pop. My marketing skills have really worked out well.

Since I’ve been blogging for so long, I lost count on how many I have written. Turns out, there have been 500 plus blogs posted to Make Things Happen! Can you believe it?

I, along with the ones who have served as guest bloggers, have written about everything under the sun. Finding topics that others will hopefully be interested in is a process but the reward of having an opportunity to have an open dialect with you, is so well worth it.

Do I ever get writer’s block? Of course, I do, but I must say, it’s not that often. I think it’s because I’m so invested in sharing my life experiences and to bring awareness about the issues that are unique to persons with disabilities. Not just the issues, but to also toot our horn about how great we are! And to be able to share this with my audience, well that just seems to make the words come naturally. I thank the Heavens for creative juices.

Along the way there have been many who have helped me get this baby up and running that I would like to thank. So, here we go, starting with Steve G. Steve N, Keith, Kim, Kathy, Lezley, Melissa, Cindy, Jesse, Michael, Angela, and Donna. Also, I would like to thank all who have read, commented, sent me a topic, a personal note and have shared posts with others. It’s because of you that this blog is a success.

Five hundred is an amazing number and guess what? I’m still counting because writing blog posts is what I do. I know I’ll be blogging for a long time!

I look forward to seeing where this blog goes.  I got a feeling it’s going to go to big heights. Hope you’ll stay tuned and ride this blog wave with me as we continue to keep counting.

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  1. Mary Pfeil on

    Wow, 500 blogs! What an accomplishment, Shari! I sure enjoy opening my inbox Wednesdays to see what you have written in your weekly blog. You are always sharing great experiences and insights. Keep up the good writing. I am always eager to read what you have to say!


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