A Better Me Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I usually make a New Year resolution at the beginning of the year, but not for 2019.  I’m just going to work on what I can do to be a better me!

Every year, I tend to make the same resolutions, eat healthier, lose weight, save more money and walk more on my walker. I bet some of you have the same resolutions, but by mid- January you know what happens? Our resolutions just go down the drain.

This year I decided to take the pressure off myself. I am coming up with a life-plan, instead of just making a yearly resolution.

No one knows better than me what I need to do to improve my life.  I found if I work on my goals in moderation throughout the year, I will have a better chance at accomplishing them or at least a few. This year, I will not vow to stop eating small deluxe Cassano’s pizzas or pints of French vanilla ice cream because I know I’m going to do it. Pizza and ice cream are some of my favorites. Why deprive yourself of things you love unless they’re going to harm you.

I’m going to be realistic this year and start in small increments.  This way I can get things done, along with focusing on things I’ve already accomplished.

I know some are stuck in their ways but this is the year to start anew. The saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but you’re a person so try to open up to change. At one time, I was not too fond of guacamole, and then one day someone asked me if I had ever tried it. To my disbelief, I actually liked the guacamole. Who would have ever thought that? I’m so picky when it comes to food that I’m not too quick to try out other things, but now I wonder “What if I had never tried it”? I truly would’ve been missing out.

This year my plan is to be a better me; I’m going to try many things not tried before. I may just find there are other things I like or different ways to make my life better. There are probably easier and much quicker ways of reaching some of my goals, some I don’t know about because I’ve been stuck in a one frame of mind.

As I go about my journey to make this a better me year, I would like to challenge you to join me. We may just find things we’ve been searching for all our lives.  We just need to reflect and be open to change.

Good Luck and may your year be filled with great changes, good health and happiness.


6 comments on “A Better Me Year

  1. Kim on

    I agree with you! Realistic goals and keep in mind…everything in moderation! Sometimes, trying to do too many changes at one time can be so overwhelming that you get frustrated and give up early.
    Slow and steady wins!
    Happy 2019!

  2. Jerome Haney on

    Every year my resolution is the same, “I will not make any.” 🙂 Yet I did tell myself the other day.
    , “you are going to dwell on the positives, and grow from the negative, where I can share some of the sunshine that will be in my life, with others.” Without calling it a resolution, look like it is. 🙂


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