A Thirst For Words

I love words!

Since I became blogger-in-chief, my love to discover new words has grown even stronger.

Since my passion for words is so strong, I decided to scatter a few of my favorites throughout this post.

Growing up, one way I conveyed my feelings was putting pen to paper. Well, in my case since I had arduousness with writing due to my cerebral palsy, typing was my way of getting my thoughts down. For me, writing is very therapeutic.

My love for inscribing wouldn’t be possible without words.

Words can be used in all sorts of contents. Some can make you feel beatific while others can make you feel shoddy. I was taught not to make a big deal of what a person says or take it at face value, especially if he or she was nattering negatively about my disability.

Words can also help get your crux across. So often, people surmise that because I have a disability, I’m not cognitively aware of what’s going on. This is another reason I’m so thankful for words. For when these mishaps occur, I can use words to turn the trajectory of an assumption.

In my position as blogger-in-chief, I’m immersed in words daily. As a matter of fact, if you think about it, I couldn’t do my job without them.

When marshaling a post for you to read, I must make sure I put the right words together in-order for it to make sagacity. If I don’t, you’ll not be able to read it. Another thing, if you can’t hearken my voice when reading my post, I feel as if I’m not doing my job. For I have a very waggish nature, and I like that to come through my writing.

Another serene thing about words is they’re universal. Everyone in the world must use them to communicate.

I truly love it when words like amity, family, and compassion bring people together.

Most importantly, words are the reason that I’m adept to backer for myself.  As a person with a disability, I know if it wasn’t for words, I wouldn’t have gotten what either I fancied or needed throughout my life. I value libretti for they’ve helped me to be the independent person I am today.

In conclusion, I know the art of using words is not something we cogitate about. But, if you really think about it, where would you be without them. Appreciate them and let me embolden you to take time to learn new ones.

2 comments on “A Thirst For Words

  1. Mary Pfeil on

    What a clever blog, Shari! I know some of your new found words, but others I would need to look up! It is fun to have new words in our personal vocabulary. I always enjoy your blog.


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