Accessible Style Accommodations

     I love getting my hair done! When I was on my feet, I had a standing appointment to go to the beauty salon every two weeks to get all prettied up. That was my “me time”, taking out-time and pampering myself. Like most women and even men, when your hair-stylist finished giving you that magic touch, you’re ready to hit the town!

Having a disability can sometimes make something as simple as getting your hair done become a challenging task.

Physical barriers such as getting into a beauty shop or finding ways to sit at the shampoo-bowel in-order to get your hair wash can be overwhelming. Facing physical barriers when attempting to go to the beauty shop is a pain, attitudinal barriers are even worse. The stares and under-breath negative comments from some customers and even beauticians can be disheartening to a person with a disability when trying to get their hair done.

When hearing of stories like Sarah Beiser Eaton’s who owns Kids Kutz in Cincinnati, OH and her empathy and compassion about cutting Patrick Boyne’s hair, is when I started to look at the beauty arena in a positive new light. Sarah cuts Patrick’s hair no matter how long it takes, she’s patient and gets the job done while still managing to treat him with upmost respect and dignity. Patrick has autism and according to mother Beth, the whole hair cutting experience was to overly stimulating for her son until they came across Sarah.

Sarah understands the whole person-first concept. This concept is simple in that a person may have a disability, but he or she is still a person first. Disability should always come second. I think the whole people-first concept should apply to anyone whether you have a disability or not. Think about it, it shouldn’t matter if you’re from another race, overweight or practice another religion. All that should really matter is you’re a person.

Patrick now gets his hair cut on a regular basis and although Sarah wasn’t looking for any fame, she’s now known for providing excellent customer service as well as positive disability inclusion. It’s truly a win, win situation for all.

Check out the full story here:

Now, as for me, luckily my niece Markesia grew up to learn and like styling hair just around the time I lost my ability to walk. She does my hair and keeps me looking fly! I don’t even have to leave my house because she comes to me. Perhaps, one day Markesia will own her own beauty shop and also be known for providing excellent customer service to people with disabilities like Sarah. The beauty world sure could use more people like her.

10 comments on “Accessible Style Accommodations

  1. Vanessa Moore on

    Wow… What an amazing story! It is easy to look over the things in life that provoke hardly any thought in some and realize for others, it is a huge hurdle! Thank you for your perspective and sharing!

  2. Mary Pfeil on

    I definitely appreciate beauticians like Sarah and Markesia. For over 20 years, Carol has been my beautician. We 1st met when she worked in a beauty shop 2 blocks from my house. I could motor there in my wheelchair thanks to accessible sidewalks and a flat entrance into the shop. Carol is particularly sensitive to my needs. When it is obvious the weather is good, I can get to the shop. In winter the snow and the cold are definitely barriers to my ability buzz down there. Carol is perfectly willing to do my hair in the comfort of my home. She is a great gal and recognizes the need for beauticians to go to costumers who cannot get out to a shop. I enjoy my friendship with Carol and she keeps me looking great!

  3. Cheryl Wood on

    Great Shari! Feeling good about your self is good for everyone.
    And maintaining a good self image when we meet the public boosts our self-esteem. It’s great to have people who just treat you like a person, or even better – the way they want to be treated!
    Cause any other way just doesn’t work.
    Your writing is wonderful, keep up the good work.
    (I wrote this then I read their story – how awesome is that!)


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