Amazing Austin The Young Humanitarian

I’ll be traveling to Birmingham, Alabama in June to present at the SABE National Conference (Self Advocates Becoming Empowered). Although, I’m excited to present, gain more advocacy knowledge, meet up with self-advocates and hopefully visit the Civil Rights Museum and Zoo, I really hope my path crosses with Austin Perine!

Whose Austin you ask? Probably just the most amazing four year old who really understands what it means to give back, especially at a very young age.

After learning what abandonment meant from watching a cartoon and then receiving a more in depth explanation of homelessness from his father, Austin decided to make a difference. Little Austin, who wants to be president one day, made the decision to save all of his allowance.  He used the allowance to purchase chicken sandwiches to feed the homeless. I think that’s a very adult decision for such a little boy to make. Were you that wise at the age of four?

These days you can find Austin pursuing his mission.  He loves to wear his cape and transform into a superhero; Austin and his father are always together passing out sandwiches to the homeless on the streets of Birmingham.  Besides the food, Austin always gives a little extra; he gives a big hug to all and tells everyone “Don’t forget to show love”. People are so touched by the little’s ones act of kindness that he has managed to bring great joy to an often overlooked population.

Austin’s story was featured on the news and the fast-food mogul, Burger King, offered to supply Austin with all the chicken sandwiches he needs to feed the homeless for free. A Go Fund Me page was set up on Austin’s behalf and it has raised more than $50,000.  His dad said the money will be used to build a homeless center.

Most people affiliate being a humanitarian with giving money. Although giving money is great so is volunteering, donating, being kind, listening and sharing a good word; it goes a long way to lift someone’s spirit. The younger a child is taught about the act of being a humanitarian, the better. They will then have time to watch the world and figure out how they can put their best foot forward to make the future a better place for all to live.

Are you a humanitarian who’s making a difference? If not, find a cause that needs help and could use your assistance.

Wish me luck in Birmingham and keep your fingers crossed I’ll see AUSTIN!

Read more about Austin here:

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