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I love bands! A few of my favorites are Kool & the Gang, The Gap Band, Journey, Earth Wind & Fire and Dayton’s own funk band, The Ohio Players.

Usually, when a band forms, members come together because of a common thread of the love of music. Other bands have been formed because of similar situations such as disabilities like the ASD Band.

Not only is the ASD Band awesome playing great sounds that you can groove to, but the members are also unique for they all have autism. The band is made up of four musicians, Rawan who’s the lead singer, Jackson the guitarist/singer, Ron the pianist, and Spenser the drummer.

The four met in 2019, at a non-profit organization called Jake’s House on Autism Awareness Day. Jake’s House mission is to dedicate supporting families living with autism.

I’m a true believer, that when something is meant to be, it will be because after the musicians met, they begin making great music together catching the attention of many including the PBS Network.

Last month during Autism Awareness Month, the PBS Network premiered a documentary on the band. I watched the trailer, and it was very interesting. Not only did the trailer show the band playing music, but it only showed each musician’s personal journey through this thing that we call life.

Unless you share in the awareness of disabilities across the board, I often believe many don’t understand that we have the wants and needs of anyone else including, the need to work, live independently, love, play and just be independent. The documentary follows the four young musicians in their quest to achieve these needs and wants.

Because of the band’s success, they are becoming more popular which is helping make the subject of autism a topic that society is becoming more aware of and open to.

I highly recommend you check this documentary out. Click on the link to view the trailer.

Before I get out of here, I like to give props to Ohio’s own great band featuring a musician with autism called, Blue Spectrum!

I’ve seen many videos of them rocking out all over the state and their lead guitarist, Zayne Harshaw is the bomb. Check them out to using the link below.

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  1. Mary Pfeil on

    It is great to know about these bands. These groups are talented. I enjoyed watching the video links you provided.


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