Are You Ready For Some Football

It’s about that time when I’m starting to put away my summer wardrobe and pull out my football gear. Can someone say, Who Dey?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan and proud of it . I have my Bengal’s socks, shirts, leggings and a hat just waiting for me to wear this season.  In a previous post, I let everyone know my favorite guy is a Pittsburg, Steelers fan.  He and I engage in a “friendly” battle on each other’s team when they play.

Football has a way of bringing people together.  I love watching The NFL Today before the Sunday game kick off.  Often the show features heartwarming stories about players and their lives. Although the world counts on players to win games, we must not forget they have lives of tribulations too.

Last year, I blogged about a young man named, Shaquem Griffen.  Although, Shaquem was born with only one hand, he loves the game of football and is a great player. During the 2018 NFL Combine, where those who are yet to be drafted to the NFL (National Football League) come to prove themselves in hopes of being chosen by a team.  Shaquem not only showed up; he went 200 hundred percent and was amazing!  As a result of his performance, Shaquem was picked by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round of the draft.  He was the 141 overall pick!

Not only will Shaquem get to play for the Seahawks, he will also get a chance to play alongside his twin brother Shaquille because he plays for the team as well.  It is stories like Shaquem’s that gives football a softer side of the sport.

We all hope our team makes it to the super bowl, but the comradery and respect of the game between football fans is absolutely amazing. There’s nothing cooler than being in the grocery store with my Bengal’s gear on and having people walk pass me wanting to give me a high five or say, “Who Dey”! It’s like being in an exclusive club. The football club, no matter the team, doesn’t care if you’re black, white, boy or girl. The only qualification to be in this club is you must love the game.

The Cleveland, Browns are even winning this year. I’m good with them winning as long as they don’t beat the Bengals. Up until now, they hadn’t won a game since the end of 2016!

Get your chips, dip, chicken wings and beverage of choice together and enjoy football season! It’s going to be a good year.

What’s your favorite team?

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