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A white male and African American female smiling at the camera and enjoying pizza lunch

Miracle Clubhouse receives prestigious accreditation

Dayton, Ohio – Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley’s Miracle Clubhouse has received a prestigious accreditation from Clubhouse International (CI) following an extensive evaluation by CI officials. “Our accreditation is testament to the strong bonds and caring networks we have established between staff, members, our board, and our partners,” Miracle Clubhouse program coordinator Kathy Trick said.... Read more »
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You still deserve to be treated with respect as a person first overlaid on picture of people's hands in group conversation

About the person, not the ability

What if you had an extremely large nose and every time someone saw or referred to you, he or she did not show you the dignity of referring to you as a person first? Instead, it was all about your nose. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? Yet this happens often when people don’t know or use... Read more »
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Aggie is an older white woman with a shy smile

Aggie Parrish

Aggie Parrish, our 2016 Independence Award winner, lives alone, in a quiet, tidy apartment. It was the GESMV HOME Choice program that helped Aggie make her dream of independence a reality. Before she moved into the apartment last June, Aggie had spent the last 23 years in a nursing home. Life hasn’t been easy for... Read more »
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