Miracle Clubhouse receives prestigious accreditation

Dayton, Ohio – Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley’s Miracle Clubhouse has received a prestigious accreditation from Clubhouse International (CI) following an extensive evaluation by CI officials.

“Our accreditation is testament to the strong bonds and caring networks we have established between staff, members, our board, and our partners,” Miracle Clubhouse program coordinator Kathy Trick said. “All of our members and staff have a say in Clubhouse decisions, and they have been working hard to make Miracle Clubhouse a true community for those in recovery.”

Miracle Clubhouse, which works to provide a positive community and work experience for people with mental illness, was notified this week of the accreditation. The strong orientation and warm welcome for new members; passionate and dedicated staff; the beautiful, well-organized space; and the strong connections to the community—from the relationships with employers to the emphasis on education at Sinclair Community College and to the deep ties to Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley – all contributed to the accreditation, according to the CI evaluation.

Miracle Clubhouse is the 166th Clubhouse worldwide to receive this honor.

According to Clubhouse International, accreditation is awarded to those that excel in the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, and these Clubhouses operate effectively and provide excellent opportunities for their members. The impressive adherence to the standards expresses that solid peer relationships are fostered by the culture of the Clubhouse community.

Miracle Clubhouse opened its new building (on Warren Street, as part of the GESMV Community Services Campus) in July 2015, but the program has been around and growing since 2012. Miracle Clubhouse is deeply involved with the Downtown Dayton Initiative, serving its members with care and helping them work towards reducing the stigma around mental illness. The Clubhouse works with the Dayton police and downtown businesses in their mission, and the opportunities for the members are boundless.

Miracle Clubhouse has maintained strong relationships with two of its employers, Siebenthaler’s Garden Center and the University of Dayton, which contributed to the strong appraisal and accreditation. Members can also further their educations with the nearby Sinclair Community College. Above all, the sense of a welcoming community is what makes the Clubhouse such a powerful staple of downtown Dayton.

Miracle Clubhouse also has been recognized for its success by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (for the Downtown Dayton Initiative), and was named a 2015 Innovation Award winner by the Dayton Business Journal.