Every year a new baby is revealed as the Gerber Baby. Although, they all have been super adorable, I must say this year’s baby just may be the cutest one of them all.

One year old Lucas Warren of Dalton, Georgia is the 2018 face of Gerber. Lucas is the first baby with down syndrome to ever be featured by Gerber since the call-out contest started back in 2010.

Check out the link to learn all about Lucas here:

When it comes to featuring people with disabilities, companies still have a lot of work to do. Why did it take so long for a baby with down syndrome to become a Gerber baby? Lucas is darling! I’m sure there are many more babies in the world with disabilities that are just as cute; and their parents are just waiting on the opportunity of inclusion to come their way.

Now, I have to note, Gerber should be laudable for realizing and sharing awareness with the world.  Not only is Lucas a beautiful baby, but the beauty in his disability is as equally beautiful. Differences are what the world is taking notice of and want to see. I watch America’s Next Top Model hosted by Supermodel Tyra Banks. She seems to choose the contestants with the most unique looks to represent her brand. No longer is it always the cookie-cutter looks that grabs people’s attention, now it’s all about differences and personality. I say, “It’s about time for something new”.

I’m glad we’re finally in an era where I see companies moving forward with recognizing and featuring people with disabilities in a positive way.  Gerber just may have helped the movement by putting Lucas in the spotlight. It helps others get a chance to showcase the beautiful human beings they are. Hopefully other prominent companies will catch the positive disability media bug too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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