Barbie Got A Service Dog

Toy mega mogul, Mattel, is at it again!

Barbie now has a service animal!

For years, I’ve been blogging about how I wished there were more opportunities for Barbie to showcase more disabilities and inclusion.  For a long time, there were no barbies representing girls with disabilities.

No matter your color, age, or disability, you always want to see something representative of who you are. This deems to be true even when it comes to baby dolls.

I’m so proud of Mattel for they are really getting on board with this inclusion thing. In the past few years, I’ve seen a Barbie in a wheelchair, Barbie who’s an amputee, and she now has a ramp to get into her dream house. My girl continues to be on the path to full inclusion.

Now, I recently learned, Barbie has a service dog!

Service Dogs are very important to many with disabilities. Because of service dogs, daily activities, such as retrieving various things, balancing, and opening doors are now achievable. You’ll never really understand the magnitude of being able to do something for yourself. It’s a very rewarding feeling and service dogs are not only giving this feeling to many, but they are also giving a sense of pride.

It’s apparent that Mattel put much thought into creating the Barbie that has a service dog. It has the harness, two bones, a collar, an official label, and a leash so Barbie can hold as she rolls down the streets, in her favorite signature color, hot pink. Barbie also looks very fly in her wheelchair sporting a very fashionable outfit. I see you girl!

Although service dogs have duties of helping their owners achieve independence, dogs are still dogs. Which means they’re playful, goofy and loving, making them very good companions. If you ask me, for those who want and need service dogs, it’s a win win situation. Not only are you getting a dog that can assist you, but you’re getting a lifelong buddy!

By Mattel creating toys of inclusion such as this, it will not only give great representation for people with disabilities so they can see themselves, but they can also serve as a great teaching tool for disability awareness.

Barbie is one of the most influential dolls in the world. When she does anything, people stop to take notice. I’m so happy she’s down with promoting inclusion.

I just might have to break down and buy a barbie in a wheelchair with her trusty service dog. The little girl in me is happy to see how far this pioneer has come.

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