Big Day Big Game

It’s that time again when everyone settles in with all their favorite appetizers and beverages to watch the biggest sport event in the world, “The Big Game”!

The “The Big Game” isn’t your typical sporting event, instead it’s the grandfather of them all. Most wait all year hoping their team will be the one to play for the sought-after Lombardi Trophy and named national champions. And although your team may have not made it to the big dance, something pulls you in and you end-up watching anyway.

On game day, I start by getting all my munchies together. My menu will consist of; wings, buffalo chicken-dip with chips, cheeseball, pretzels and chips. I heard more wings are sold on the day of “The Big Game” than any day of the year. My menu may seem like a lot, since only me and my favorite guy will be the only ones in attendance, but I love partying and I associate partying with food. The more munchies the better. Afterwards, I start watching pre-game shows. The entertainers who preform from beginning to end are always top notch and some of the heartwarming players’ stories, does your heart good.

For me this year, I’ll be not only watching to see the game, but I’m equally hyped for the half-time show. I’ve enjoyed all the half-time shows from; Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and Madonna. My all-time favorite half-time show was the one given by the amazing, Prince.  This year I’ll tune-in to watch the very energetic and beautiful Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo.; I am sure she will be setting the stage on fire. I’ve been a J.Lo fan for a long time since she was one of the Fly Girls on the comedy show, In Living Color. J.Lo who’s in her fifties can dance just as good if not better than anyone in their twenties. She has the “it” factor. To have a career last as long as hers and to be at the prime of it, is awesome. J.Lo, will also share the stage with Latin singer, Shakira. Shakira is a great performer as well, and one of the best belly dancers in the business, so it should be great show.

I’m also looking forward to the commercials. Businesses really go all out on commercials during the “Big Game”. My favorite last year was for a certain pop brand featuring, Cardi B, Lil John and Steve Carell.  You’ll know who had the best commercials by how people are still talking about them the next day. Remember to revisit this post and let me know which ones were your favorites.

This year’s match-up is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers! I think the chiefs will win 34 to 28.  But It doesn’t matter if your team is playing, just sit back and enjoy the festivities. There’s always next season to start rooting for your team again. If you think about it, the season starts in September so that’s not too far away. Until then, have fun on the big day during “The Big Game!”

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  1. Jerome Haney on

    I am going to enjoy all the veggie pizza I can eat on that day. Just pig out, laugh and have some well wishes, and of course “trash” talk about which team is the best. 🙂 What a joyful time with family, friends, and love ones. Yet I will be mindful of those who have not. I trusting we will all give thanks.


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