Have you ever been bullied? Unfortunately, bullying has been going on since the ice ages but now it has gotten to the point of getting out of control. Bullying has gotten so bad, that there’s no more just fist fighting to settle a dispute.  People are carrying and using weapons in order to protect themselves.

I was bullied growing up. I was an easy target because of my disability. Bullies tend to prey on people in situations which appear to be vulnerable. I was never physically harmed as a result of bullying but was intimated at times and had my feelings hurt a few hundred times.

My four brothers helped me tremendously during the bullying stage. They taught me how to stand up for myself which included tactics only big brothers could teach a little sister. When the tactics didn’t work, my brothers would somehow find and talk to whomever I was having an issue with. Needless to say, when those Cooper brothers finished talking with the bully, I had no more problems with that person. I love my brothers!

Today, you hear more stories of bullying and the desperate measures that must be taken to make it stop.

Logan Clark, a fourteen year old from Nevada was shot by a school police officer when bringing a knife to school and acting as if he was going to stab someone. Logan had been bullied and was scared and fed up.

Luckily, Logan wasn’t killed and no one else was harmed during this alarming episode. Sadly, Logan suffered a stroke afterwards and now lives with a traumatic brain injury as a result.

See video link below of this incident;


Logan’s story is just one of many that have been victimized by the bullying epidemic.

I used to wonder, what could make a person so mean that he or she could choose to pick on another? I now know, most who consider themselves bullies, were bullied at some point in their past or still are on some level or another. Many whose home or personal lives are in disarray act out in hopes of making their victim/victims feel just as miserable. These are the people I refer to as bullies.

Not sure what can be done when it comes to the topic of bullying but I do know it needs to stop. This is a call to action blog topic. If you have any suggestions on how this problem can be solved or at least tamed so no one else will get hurt, please share in a comment.

6 comments on “Bullying

  1. Cheryl Wood on

    Excellent and relevant topic Shari. Bullying takes many forms and one has to be aware of how to counteract those who bully others. Thank you.

  2. Karrie Watson on

    This is a great topic Shari. Bullying is done everywhere and to anyone. We all need to have that one person we can trust and talk to about what is happening. Even the bullies need someone to talk to and trust. It’s definitely a tough topic to have either side speak up about. Thank you Shari bringing this up. It brings back days of when I was bullied (as a child and as an adult) and where I am today.
    “Lend a helping hand and don’t be afraid to stand up and speak out!”

  3. Robin Shipp on

    Excellent blog Shari! I can relate because my daughter was bullied her junior and senior year in high school. As a parent, it broke my heart to send her to school knowing what she would face and then having to hear the horror stories when she came home. The consequences behind bullying needs to be increased significantly. At times, it is taken lightly until something tragic happens (isn’t that always the outcome). Thanks for sharing Shari!

  4. Shari Cooper on

    Thanks for the comments Cheryl, Karrie & Robin. It’s a shame that in today’s society bullying still exist. Let’s keep pressing to bring a end to this problem.

  5. Brian Gearhart on

    Shari, very nice to see an article on bullying…a topic that is very real to me. I live in Dayton, Ohio and have been an executive in the food distribution for over 23 years. In 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a few weeks off to deal with my surgery, but upon my return I was dealt with a supervisor who was decided to take prey on my weakness and vulnerability. I began working many days which were 24 straight hours because of the demands which were put upon me. But on May 2, 2012…I came home from work after working a 26 hour day and collapsed as I walked in to the front door. My life has not quite been the same since that day. I have struggled with complex PTSD, severe depression and generalized anxiety. I have been fortunate that I have received the proper treatment of my trauma, but most people do not realize the severity that bullying can do to ones life. The “Bully” will take it’s prey when they are weak and vulnerable. The “Bully” will pounce on their victim that they are jealous of the most. When I was in my darkest days during this difficult fight to recovery, a good friend gave me a book titled “The Bully at Work” by Gary Namie PhD and Ruth Namie PhD. I will tell you it is the best book you will ever read on bullying in the workplace. The very unfortunate thing in the United States is that bullying is not illegal. Unlike the United Kingdom, where there are bullying laws in place, the United States comes way short in protecting people against bullying. Many people are afraid to admit that they have been bullied because of stigma or a label of weakness. It is a real problem and only getting worse. Thank you so much for getting this very important topic out there.

    • Shari Cooper on

      Thanks Brain for the comment. Hated hearing that you had the awful experience of being bully at work but glad to hear you dealt with it by taking up for yourself. Hope you will continue following the blog for more interesting topics will be coming your way soon.


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