Caregiver Crisis

Did you know there’s a caregiver crisis going on?

People with disabilities are in desperate need of finding someone to assist he or she in their homes, including me.

Since COVID, the personal-care system has struggled and is in a crisis. Many individuals who choose this career have school age children.  Once the pandemic hit and children began on-line learning from home, they needed to be with them. Then there were others who decided to quit and collect unemployment because it pays more. I can’t say that I blame them; personal care positions just don’t pay enough.

Most of my previous caregivers worked two jobs just to make ends meet.

Advocates have been working diligently in hopes of making their voices heard.  They have been preaching to the choir for decades. There have been improvements, but there needs to be better incentives.

For the last four weeks, I’ve been without a caregiver.  Although it’s been hard, I’m still one of the lucky ones. I’m able to make do for myself for the most part; plus, I have an awesome family support system who steps up whenever I need them. I’m very grateful for my support system because some people with disabilities don’t have one.

I’ve literally called every home health agency in my county. To my surprise, I keep getting the same responses which are, sorry we do not have any available caregivers to assist you, we don’t accept your insurance, and my favorite, if you have someone in mind to assist you we’ll hire he or she.

I’ve had to bite my tongue several times from saying, if I had a caregiver, I wouldn’t be calling you.

I know the world is still a bit shaky due to the pandemic, but the caregiver crisis is at a breaking point and it is effecting the disability community.

I’m here to keep it real, if this crisis is not fixed soon, there’s going to be a lot of people with disabilities having no choice but to go in a nursing home. This makes me sad because most who are in jeopardy are sixty-five and younger.

Many people with disabilities, like myself, have fought hard to gain independence. Whether it’s transportation, employment, or the lack of accessible health care, there seems to always be something casting a dark shadow. And, although we may get weary, we will always rise to fight another day.

It’s a shame that the downfall of the caregiver system is threating to take away independence for many. I hope this system will be fixed fast so no one will lose the way of living he or she rightfully deserves. As for me and my situation, don’t worry. I’ll eventually find someone to assist me because my motto is and always will be, Make Things Happen.

8 comments on “Caregiver Crisis

  1. Amy Clawson on

    Here here, Shari! I’m experiencing the same thing! We need to be bold and make change happen sooner vs. later. My son’s caregivers need a career option. I’m worried and scared. Thank you for posting this!

    • Shari Cooper on

      You’re right, this is a scary situation. We must join together and let our voices be heard. I’m praying we all come out successful. Thanks for your comment.


    Great blog again. I hope enough people start paying attention to this crisis to actually care to change it. We give it our all and it is not moving the needle enough.

  3. Cynthia Fox on

    We are in scary times!! Right now I have a handful of caregivers that are amazing! I feel blessed to have them and my wonderful boyfriend! I know they are underpaid and could go anywhere and make more money.

  4. Deb Pack on

    Such a meaningful and necessary service for
    Those needed to keep their independence! You nailed it when speaking of the option of going into a nursing home if not fixed quickly! Thanks for
    Your honest and important message! You always make a difference! Hope many read it!!


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