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Welcome to Goodwill!

This week, Goodwill’s around the world will celebrate the accomplishments they’ve achieved in helping people live life to their full potential. For me, Goodwill was the anchor I needed to gain employment. Because of this awesome organization, I’m a part of the working-class showing people I can be productive with a disability.

Enjoy as a few others share their thoughts about what Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley (GESMV) means to them.

Liz-Working for GESMV has given me the ability to empower people in need to enhance their lives. Making a difference in someone’s life by empowering them has been one of the best things about working at Goodwill.  I have met some wonderful people working at GESMV and built some amazing friendships over the years here.

Connie- I have been working at Goodwill for 25 years and will reach 26 years in June of this year. I came to Goodwill because of the mission to “empower people with disabilities and other disadvantages to achieve independence and improve their quality of life.” Goodwill as an agency, offers so many programs to fulfill the mission. In my many years at Goodwill I have worked with diverse populations from youth to senior citizen and I believe I have contributed to that mission. I am a people person and a problem solver and love meeting new people every day. Each program participant comes with their unique interests and needs. Knowing that I can assist with solving problems, meeting their needs, and helping them become successful is especially important and satisfying to me. I have learned and obtained so many skills through my work, and by attending agency supported trainings that enable me to do my work more effectively and successfully. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work at an agency with so many impressive colleagues who share the same mission, and all have the same goal to achieve the positive outcomes and success for our participants. But most of all serving our participants is the best part of this job.

Dorian-I am the Human Resources Recruitment Coordinator at GEMSV. I have been employed here at GESMV for 9 months and it has been a pleasure! I am fresh out of college, obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Wright State University in May 2022. Since being employed at GESMV I have been afforded the opportunity to gain experience in my field of interest, execute my passion in providing and supporting local residents of the community, improve my networking and communication abilities and lastly receive new connections with the genuine individuals I have been able to closely work with. (Special shout out to Rhea Gregory!)


Working at GESMV means great value to me because this organization aligns with my personal values of empowering the community to reach an adaptable quality of life and status. I am thankful for this opportunity!

There you have it, Goodwill assists many and is a great place to work.

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