Change In 2024

As I roll into 2024, I’ve been pondering what I can do to better myself.

I’m not down with making resolutions because I can never seem to keep them, but I do want to make a few changes. I think my need for change is because I turned 50 years old last year and I feel like I need to change some things to better myself inside and out. You know, aging will make you think about your life differently.

My mother who’s the wisest woman I know once told me, it’s a bad wind that never change.

I did not quite understand what she meant until I became older, but her words sunk in more and more each year. If you keep doing things the same way, you’ll keep getting the same results. Now, just to keep it real, for the most part, my results have been good, but in 2024 I’m aiming for extraordinary.

I’m an overthinker!

Having a disability will make you an overthinker. I never know when I’m going to come against an obstacle whether it’s physical or attitudinal. This trait of being an overthinker can be stressful. This year, I want to find a way to protect my mental health. My faith, which is a form of meditation gets me through a lot, but I think I need other avenues for when I get aggravated.

With this, I’ll be searching for virtual classes, lessons, or tracks that I can take to help me learn how to turn off my brain or at least chill it out for a while.

Often, people think talking about mental health is taboo.  I’m here to tell you, if you don’t take care of it, everything will go downhill. Do what you can to protect your peace.

As in previous years, my desire to be able to move my body on my own is at the top of my list.

Aging is no joke. It takes a toll on us, but when you have a disability it’s twice as hard. I don’t want to lose what movement I currently have. So, as my brother Jay says when watching basketball, lets go hard in the paint.

YouTube is a wonderful TV streaming service. They have many videos pertaining to what a person might want to see or learn. Luckily, while my sister Peggy was searching, she stumbled onto a very handsome young man teaching, chair exercise.

This man got me, Peggy, and my mom chair exercising. Guess we just needed a little motivation and happy to say, we’ve found it!

Every year will present differences. Some will be good, and others will be difficult. At the end of the day, the way you handle them is what will count.

Instead of making resolutions that you know you’re not going to keep, make little changes to better yourself. Let’s aim for a good year filled with peace and good health.

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