CODA- A Golden Perspective Into The Deaf Community

Every community has its own unique culture and unless you’re a part of it, know someone, or are invited in, you may never understand how one lives.

I’ve found the deaf community to be a very private community that often does not invite outsiders. Although I never understood why this was, I respected their culture.

Like every other community that I know little of, I’m always trying to find ways to broaden my horizons. Thanks to the Academy Award winning 2022 best movie, CODA, I now have a better understanding of the deaf community. CODA offers an inside into the very private community that’s not often seen or even understood.

The amazing movie CODA is about a family who owns a fishing company.  The family is deaf, except for the seventeen-year-old daughter, Ruby. Although Ruby loves her family dearly and is very responsible for her age, she has a dream that has nothing to do with the family’s business. Ruby’s decision to pursue her dream eventually causes a ruckus, because the family relies on her a lot, due to the fact, she’s the only one that can hear.

Although having a disability can be difficult, being the only one in a family that doesn’t have a disability, can cause great pressure.  It’s just an unspoken word that everyone is somewhat counting on you.

Another thing I love about this movie is it featured an actress and actor who are deaf. Oscar Award Winner Marlee Matlin is a well-known actress who’s been featured in many on-screen and television movies. Actor, Troy Kotsur, who won best supporting actor for CODA, made history for being the first deaf actor to win an Oscar.

It’s no big secret, actors and actresses with disabilities are often overlooked in Hollywood.

I’m hopeful that by Troy winning an Oscar, it will open doors for many actors and actresses with disabilities. Although, Marlee’s win cracked the glass ceiling of an industry that’s not always excepting, I believe Troy’s win finally broke through.

Many movies have been made about people with disabilities, but not many have actresses and actors with disabilities playing the roles. When you have one who’s living everyday life depicting a roll, the movie becomes more authentic and draws viewers in.

CODA is a movie that brings awareness and I recommend all to see it. Perhaps in the future, movies about people with and featured people with disabilities will receive more awards. I’m also hoping if they do, it won’t be breaking news, but instead, it will be the norm.

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