Coming Out of the Dark

We’re finally in the season of Daylight-Saving time and I’m so happy!

Although I love the fall and winter season, I especially like it when the leaves change on the trees, drinking apple cider and hot chocolate, wearing my very fashionable boots, and celebrating Christmas; but the fact that it gets dark at 5 pm really bums me out.

I guess I’m not the only one who feels this way because there’s a bill lingering in the State House to make Daylight-Saving a permanent thing.

During the dark time of the season, I feel tired. That’s odd, because for those who know me, know I’m full of energy. When the sun goes down, my mind plays tricks on me. I think it’s later than it really is, as a result, I get sleepy. I was told many of the aging population suffer with this syndrome and it even has a name; it is called sundowners. This affects many people as it does me. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to really do about it.

When Daylight-Saving time arrives, I immediately get happy. I’m a sun-child and love to catch its’ rays whenever I can.

Daylight-Saving also gets me excited because I start thinking of new things being birthed. If you think about it, we’re stuck in the dark from October to March. That’s five months. It’s just like planting a flower in the fall. You must cover it up, water it, and wait for it to rise to reap its beauty. I often feel that’s what waiting on Daylight-Saving is like, but it’s so worth it for when that big, bright sun finally appears, it gives me strength and more energy.

Daylight-Saving does something else for most people and that’s dreaming of the next vacation.

With Daylight-Saving comes spring break! So, what better way to celebrate the rising of the sun than going somewhere fun? Because days are longer during Daylight-Saving, you can reap the benefits of your vacation adventures.

Although, the sun must go down in-order for it to rise again, it’s always good to get a few extra hours of Vitamin D that the Sun gives off. Life is not meant to live in the dark for its known to put you in a state of depression. Being a faith-based person, I was always taught, no matter what you’re going through, joy cometh in the morning. I truly believe that’s because when the Son rises, the sun rises as well and makes everything ok.

As I go through the next six months full of energy and excitement because of the rays beaming down on me, it’s my hope Daylight-Saving will do the same for you. We as a people tend to take simple things for granted. On this day let’s just be thankful for the sun and its wonderous glory.

Happy Day-Light Saving!

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