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I have a confession to make I am 45 and love animated movies. My new obsession is with the Pixar movie, Finding Dory!

One of my favorite comedians, Ellen DeGeneres, lends her voice to the character Dory. When I found that out, it made me really, want to see this movie because she is funnier as all get out.

Finding Dory is about a cute little fish who suffers with memory loss. Dory ventured away from her parents and home when she was young. Although she tried her hardest, Dory just could not remember where she lived. Memory loss is a hidden disability that does not get much attention. Hidden disabilities are often misunderstood. Some may mistake people with memory loss as being weird or having a mental disconnection. When you think of memory loss, you typically affiliate it with the aging population but the story shares awareness that this disability does not discriminate against age.

It is difficult when the world stereotypes people who they perceive are different. No matter how intelligent, you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle.

I am guessing it is probably difficult to find resources for those with this disability.   Repetition and lots of note taking are probably vital when it comes to memory loss. If this doesn’t work, let’s just hope you come across a kind stranger that hopefully will help you find your love ones. Luckily for Dory, this is exactly what happened!

Dory was stuck in many difficult situations throughout the movie and many of them could have broken her down but the fact she had the will to reunite with her parents kept her going. All through the movie, Dory would have flashbacks of her parents and the conversations they had. One thing about flashback memories is, sometimes they come at a time when you are down to remind you of good times you have shared with people you love. They also come to ensure that you are not alone. This really helps if someone has passed on or when you are in a dark place. No matter how bad your memory, when something that makes you happy pops into your head, it instantly puts you in a better mind place.

If you need to watch a movie that inflicts a good message, Finding Dory is the one. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. As for me, I am going to start watching many more animated movies. They are so much better than watching news and all the craziness going on in the world today.

6 comments on “Coop’s Movie Scoop Finding Dory

  1. Steve Stapleton on

    Well, Shari I am 72 years old and I also love animated movies. I’ve seen “Dory” at least 3 times with my grandchildren…or maybe it’s 4 times, I forget(smile). You are right, a fun movie.

  2. Glenda Pate on

    That was a awesome Movie Scoop Coop!! Now, I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m going to go get the grandchildren and watch find Dory this weekend.Thank-you!!


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