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As we prepare to bring Black History Month 2019 to a close, I would like to invite you to watch the phenomenal film and my Oscar pick for best movie, Green Book.

Green Book is about a friendship between an accomplished African-American pianist and a rather worldly Italian-American. As I watched this movie, I came to know what I always thought; differences really do make this world go round. How boring this universe would be if everyone was the same.

Just to give you a lead in, pianist, Dr. Don Shirley who’s portrayed by Golden Globe Winner, Actor, Mahershala Ali, had been invited to perform at several events. The only problem, all the events were in the Deep South and in the early sixties prejudice reared its ugly head.  Although Dr. Shirley knew this, he still wanted to go. After learning the plot, I found myself thinking, “My brother, don’t do this. I know these gigs probably pay good money, but it’s not worth the danger and humiliation you’re probably going to have to face”. But often, the only way to face adversity is to run to it and that’s what Don Shirley did.

Dr. Shirley was no dumb man by far. He knew, if he was going to take this journey, he was going to need someone to go with him, who was, shall I say as the youngsters do, “a lot more thuggish than he was”. We all have that one acquaintance that we enjoy being around because he or she is exciting yet a bit rowdy. You sometimes need a person in your life that has those qualities and what I refer to as “street smart.”  Shirley had no one in his life that possessed those characteristics.  He held interviews to find someone and lucky he found a man named Frank “Tony Lip” Vallelonga, who’s portrayed by actor, Viggo Mortensen.

Tony, was a colorful fella and wasn’t really down for working for someone who wasn’t of the same race, but he needed the job and it paid well. Dr. Shirley, although well accomplished and educated, was a bit stiff and lonely. Eventually, the two came to realize they needed each other. The life lessons they were able to teach each other were better than any lessons one can learn from a book.

Just like the movie hinted, the two were faced with situations that could have broken their spirit, yet they stayed strong and prevailed. As you watch the movie, you’ll be taken back as you witness the blossom of a beautiful bond which forms into an amazing friendship.

Green Book is an awesome movie and a great way for me to close out Black History Month. I highly recommend you put it on your watch list. It’s very educational and uplifting.

10 comments on “Coop’s Movie Scoop Green Book

  1. Peggy Wippel on

    It’s the only one of the nominees I actually saw and it was great. There was a lot of subtle humor and it got its message across without being too “preachy.”

  2. Debbie McBride on

    I want to see this movie because of what it deals with. But some of the remarks I have seen and people calling it a racist movie. I understand where the movie comes from as having lived in the south during that time. But after hearing your point of view and I take recommendations from friends more than people I don’t know. I will see it soon. Thank yo Shari.

    • Shari Cooper on

      Green Book does deal with racism but it’s still a great movie. Back when this friendship took place, racism was a major issue and it still is today. It’s sad but true. Glad you’re taking my recommendation. I believe everyone should this movie for her or his self then make a conclusion.

  3. Linda on

    Thanks Shari. like Debbie, I have heard from many who find this film problematic. Sometimes a work can be problematic; while still offerin something of value. I appreciate your perspective. g

  4. Margie on

    I just saw the movie last night and enjoyed it. Things have both changed and stayed the same as far as racism in this country is concerned. I do think it all boils down to relationships—people getting to know and like each other no matter our differences. Thanks for the recommendation, Shari!


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