Coop’s Movie Scoop- I Feel Pretty

I learned a long time ago, it doesn’t matter how others view me as long as I feel good about myself. The movie, I Feel Pretty staring actress/comedian Amy Schumer is a good film that tackles the whole self-perception subject.

Amy, who plays a young woman named Renee Bennett, is a very smart and a fun person to be around. Although, Renee had so much going for herself, she was very unhappy and insecure due to being overweight. It wasn’t until a turn of events that she started viewing herself in a new beautiful light which made her feel pretty. What made this movie even more amusing, was the only person who could see her new found light was, Renee.

After Renee’s anew, you could see her confidence rising. She had a new walk, talk and attitude. She tried things she never tried before and wasn’t scared of anything or anyone especially, men. It’s funny how an event can change who you start to become.

Although, Renees’ new life was finally perfect, she later started to realize often with change we sometimes forget what made us happy in the first place.

We all have issues with ourselves whether we want to admit. There USED to be a time when I wanted to switch places with every pretty girl walking. As I grew older, I figured out, I didn’t have to be able to walk to be viewed as being attractive. I did however strive to enhance my good qualities and keep a positive attitude.

Have you ever seen a beautiful person from a far but when he or she opened their mouth, you were taken back by their awful attitude just from a conversation? It doesn’t matter how pretty you are if you have a bad disposition…no one will want to bother with you.

Feeling pretty comes from within and this movie depicts this discovery in a great way.
Be sure to put this one on your to watch list. You’ll be glad you did.

8 comments on “Coop’s Movie Scoop- I Feel Pretty

  1. Cheryl Wood on

    As always Shari you’re right on Target! I never want to be the person that no one wants to be bothered with. Thanks I needed that.

  2. Monae Dawson on

    Shari I agree that beauty comes from within. “Pretty is as pretty does”, and you exceed expectations. We were all created with a trait or feature that sets us apart from everyone else in the world. We may look alike, sound alike, even have a twin but, no two people are exactly the same. There’s beauty in that alone. I find it amazing how quickly we forget how awesome we are. The moment we began to accept the things we can not change, enhance the things we love, know that not everyone’s perception of us will be a positive one, and build towards a better us so that we’re confident in our own abilities, is when I personally feel we’ve reached our “Pretty”. We now have a smile from within that radiates on the outside. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. Thank you!


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