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Who remembers the classic movie, BIG, starring the incredible actor, Tom Hanks? If you liked BIG, you’ll love the movie, Little.

Little is about a very mean, complicated, self-absorbed woman, named Jordan. Jordan is played by the actress, Regina Hall. Although Jordan is a very successful business woman, the anger she has inside makes her intolerable to be around. Jordan finally met her match when she decided to be cruel to a young girl. The young girl was so upset of how Jordan was mistreating the father and her as well that she wished her to be “little.”

As you’ve probably guessed, the next morning when Jordan awoke, she was little; and this is when her adventure starts to take place.

Stuck in a little girl’s body, now played by Marsai Martin, was Jordan’s new reality and she wasn’t handling it well. Her expensive clothes no longer fit, no one would let her drive her fancy sports car, her love life was in shambles, no one would take her serious at work and she was threatened to be put in child protective custody. What topped it all off was that she had to go back to school, which was a place she despised the most; school was where she would have to relive most of her pain and anger.

Jordan had no friends. She only had one person she could depend on; that person happened to be her personal assistant, April, played by funny actress, Issa Rae. Why is it the one person who helps you the most is always the one you treat badly? Jordan treated April awful but she soon discovered April was the only one who could help her with the “little” problem. The two went through many challenges together, but the challenges is what brought them closer. It’s amazing what you can learn from others when you take the time to do so. Come to find out, Jordan taught April how to embrace confidence and in return, April taught Jordan all about compassion towards others.

Often when something from your past is hindering you from the successes of the future, you must revisit and deal with it; you can put it to rest and find peace. This process can be hard and will stir-up emotions you might not want to deal with but have faith and follow the path because it will be worth it in the end.

Little is a good movie. I recommend you put it on your summer watch list. It will make you laugh and think at the same time. Before I check out, I would like to know, if you could magically wake up to be younger, would you and why? Is there a certain period in your younger life you would like to revisit or would like to have a do over? I would go back to age thirteen to let a young Shari know, her life would be pretty amazing by forty-six! What about you? Please leave a comment and enjoy the movie.


5 comments on “Coop’s Movie Scoop-Little

  1. Margie on

    I’ll have to try to watch that movie–thanks for sharing.
    In my experience, it may be good to look at the past to learn from it, but it’s always best to move forward.

  2. Jerome Haney on

    Shari I can remember wanting to be 27. The only reason was I thought that was a good number. Well that day came and I remember saying, “its just like any other age.” 🙂 Well they kept coming and coming and most recently I celebrated the 64th. I sometimes say “if I could, I would, but only if I can with knowing what I know now, and can change it.” Lol, Well of course I can’t change it, but as I look back, I think on the right things I should have done. Yet I am thankful for the lesson the years have taught me. I am eternally thankful that I am an eight years colon cancer survivor. Until all have survivor, I continuing to be an advocate for Men’s Health as well as Mental Health Issue, and Disabilities. Thank you for all that you do.


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