Coop’s Movie Scoop Of The Theory of Everything

If you haven’t seen The Theory of Everything yet, you’re missing out on a great movie. It’s a few years old but it’s a great story about the amazing theoretical scientist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking.

The Theory of Everything stars 2016 Oscar Award Actor Eddie Redmayne who portrayed Hawking to a tee.

Stephen Hawking could easily go down in history for having one of the greatest minds of all time. Although, he had everything going for himself including an Ivy League education, a brilliant mind  and a beautiful girlfriend who eventually turned out to be his wife,  his life was turned upside-down when diagnosed with Lou Gehrig Diseases (ALS).

Watching Hawking’s body deteriorate from the debilitating disease just to have all his independence snatch away was pretty to hard too view at times. He was angry, sad and at times, I even thought he might have contemplated taken his own life. The demise of his marriage to the raising of his children to the best of his ability was trying as well. And, being stuck in a body that didn’t work to the point he wasn’t even able to talk, was enough to break his sprit. Everything Hawking went through was enough to cause him to throw in towel if he hadn’t found a purpose to live.

I often speak of attitudinal barriers. These are barriers sometimes posed on those with disabilities from those without disabilities.  People who carry these barriers have a bad case of bird-dog. They do not miss too much of anything and tend to think everyone should march to the beat of the same drum. If you’re different, they start throwing major shade in-order to let you know you don’t belong. Hawking had to face these barriers from people such as this for some thought, “How could someone with such a serve disability be able to have such a great mind?”

Eventually, Hawking was finally given a chance to prove how extraordinary he was despite his disability. And, although it took a while he managed to find happiness too.

This true story follows Hawking as he journeys through life achieving great accomplishments and dealing with personal battles. It’s a must see that will hopefully help you appreciate your life a lot more.

15 comments on “Coop’s Movie Scoop Of The Theory of Everything

  1. Marty ODell on

    Very insightful Ms. Cooper, as always your message is spot on. Is it possible that the timing is truly coincidental? You really do have special powers!

  2. Mary Pfeil on

    Great comments, Shari!
    I enjoyed the movie, but embarrassed I could not remember the title. Thanks for John’s my memory. Yes, Mr. Hawking had a great mind and he contributed so much to science. His long survival with ALS is amazing too.

  3. Mary Pfeil on

    Whoops! Translation of “thanks for John’s my memory” is thanks for jogging my memory! Misinterpretation brought to you by DragonDictate.

  4. Debbie on

    I have been following Mr. Hawkings for years and when I heard of his passing it truly saddened me. He showed us secrets of the universe. He was remarkable in all that he did. I will miss him.

  5. Muriel Jamieson on

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  7. Julie Hilditch on

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