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I finally got around to watching the movie that’s stirring much dialogue in the world.  It’s called The Upside.

The Upside is based on a true story. It’s about a wealthy man named Phillip.  He is a quadriplegic that hires Dell, a nonchalant down on his luck parolee, to be his care attendant. Dell has no idea how to care for Phillip at first but quickly learned and begins to love his job. The movie stars actor/comedian Kevin Hart as the rough around the edges, quick talking care giver, Dell. Bryan Cranston plays the wealthy man, Philip, who is an accomplished yet uptight writer.

The movie is very descriptive.  It shows the many struggles people with disabilities go through on a daily basis and how we have to sometimes depend on others for assistance.

I am however struggling with saying whether I like this movie or not. On one hand, I like it because whenever there’s a movie to educate the public on living life with a disability, that’s always a good thing. I also love the transformation in Hart’s character. On the other hand, the movie suggest, that before the wealthy writer with the disability met his caregiver, he wasn’t happy. I don’t want anyone to get this twisted. Not all people with disabilities are sad depressed people sitting around waiting for someone to make us happy. Yes, sometimes I get disgusted over what causes me difficulties but who doesn’t? When feeling this way, I take a day and get it out of my system then I get up the next morning ready to go. I was taught, “Only the strong survive. “

Happiness comes from within. I’m just as happy chilling at home watching television and playing with my dog Tiny, as I am when my caregiver Q and I immerse in girl talk.  People can only enhance your happiness not give it to you.

Also, like many others, I wish the movie industry would have casted a person with a disability to play Phillip’s character. There are many actors with disabilities wanting and waiting to take on a role such as this. For them to get passed over on roles that they can definitely play, seems unfair. Don’t get me wrong, Cranston did an amazing job, but I think a person with a disability would have a brought an amazing authenticity to the character.

So you ask, did I like this movie? I still say, yes and no. I think it’s worth your time to watch it and form your own conclusion. When dealing with subject matters such as disabilities, I suggest Hollywood should bring in those who know about it best. If you’re going to make movies about us, include us.

8 comments on “Coop’s Movie Scoop The Upside

  1. Kim on

    I haven’t seen it but now I definitely want to! I love the fact that you are honest about mixed feelings on this. Appreciate your candor.
    Love you!

    • Sharonda Jarrett on

      I would love to go see this inspiring movie. I know it was good and for the Shari cooper I enjoyed reading your comment/reply. You are so right when you say they’re a lot of people with disabilities are very happy and aren’t irritated. I think the concept of the movie was to let people anything is possible and you have love yourself within and make things happen. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Dave Burrows on

    Thank you Shari. Have you ever seen the show Speechless? Micah Fowler plays JJ. Micah has Cerebral Palsy. He does a great job.

  3. Sharonda Jarrett on

    Kevin Hart is a inspiring actor from Philadelphia Pa, He plays some good characters but this one I would love to see. Again Shari Cooper thanks for sharing because you’re right we all have mix emotions on a daily basis more than usual. I appreciate the empathy you shared with us and I hope you continue to strive for the best because all things are possible everyone

  4. Sharonda Jarrett on

    I believe that Hollywood probably did speak to people with disabilities before they made the film. Most directors and producers do so to ensure that the movie characters and audience feel empathy and the film is authentic as possible. I did not see the film yet but I would love to because to see Kevin Hart really be serious is something I have to see lol. He’s such a comedian and I bet he was good in this film. Shari Cooper I believe you when you say not all people that have disabilities are irritable and mean. I know people that share the same type disability that the paralygic suffered and they were just so happy and very motivating but I think the concept was to show the everyday struggles of both chararcters. You’re right about happiness it starts within, I love how you phrased that people can only enhance your happiness but you have to be happy be with yourself (within). I thank you for sharing this comment. I need to here that phrase it has inspired me for the day. God bless you all and we have to make things happen and all things are possible. Have a great day everyone


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