Cowgirl Shari

Halloween is upon us and I definitely want to create a costume that will give off that WOW factor.
For the past year, I’ve been saying I want to dress up like a cowgirl. It’s just something so cool and rugged about being a cowgirl. Could it be the way she’s able to handle a horse to ride miles in the wide open to get where she needs to go? Or perhaps, it’s her confident attitude of being one with nature.

As I think about it, I have to be honest; I want to be a cowgirl because I love her outfit!

With this being said, it’s time to start thinking about the clothes and accessories I need to bring this costume to life for the big day. The great thing about wanting to dress like a cowgirl, is most of the things I need to pull this look together are already in my closet. By now, most of you know my favorite color is red. Just so happens, I have a pair of black jeans with red circle designs riding the side of them in my wardrobe.

Last year at work, I mentioned that I desired to dress up like a cowgirl for Halloween. Two weeks later a red straw cowgirl hat mystically appeared on my desk. There was no note or anything letting me know who it was from. Thanks to whomever it was from. It’s a very sharp hat. I tried it on and it looked great. While my sister Peggy was out shopping one day, guess what she bumped into? She found me the most amazing pair of black and red cowgirl boots. There’s nothing better than a big sister looking out in order to help me bring my look to life. Talk about luck, seems as if this cowgirl outfit is coming together a little at a time.

Now, I need two more things. A red and black or red and white plaid shirt would accentuate my jeans. I think I’ll take a stroll to my local Goodwill Store. No need to pay an arm and leg for an item that you I’ll probably only wear once. I’m going to get it for less and let me suggest, if you’re looking for a great costume, you go there as well. Goodwill Store has an array of costumes in all sizes for you to choose from as well as cool accessories that will help you transform your look.

The last and final thing I need to complete my look is a kiddy horse head which more than likely I will also find at Goodwill. Remember the horse heads on a stick we used to act like we were riding back in the days when we were kids? I need one of those. Since I ride a scooter, I figure I would incorporate it as a part of my costume. All my scooter needs is a head to complete the allusion of a horse. Clever huh!

Hope I can pull off Cowgirl Shari by Halloween. If so, I’ll post pictures. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Linda Fischbach on

    Shari, Your blog reminded me of my 10 year old granddaughter, Cami. who signed up to play volleyball. When I asked her what she liked best about playing volleyball, she said “I like the cute little shorts we wear!”

    You’re an A-list cowgirl!


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