Dreams Allows to Store to Memory

I love dreams because they usually transport me to a cool place or allow me to do something super cool.

In recent dreams, I’ve been transported to exciting places like a party on a beach. I’m not quite sure where I was but I was having a blast. This dream was very clear, which is odd because dreams are usually difficult to remember. But I was having so much fun with the sand between my toes, sun on my face, and the waves splashing up-against my body.  Guess I didn’t want to forget that dream.

In another recent dream I was transported to Paris. I don’t know how many of you know this, but I’ve been wanting to visit Paris for a long time. I even took up the language of French in high school. In this dream, I attended a star-studded fashion show, ate many tasty pastries, visited beautiful museums, and of course, I was able to visit the Eiffel Tower up close and personal.

As I often do with many questions, I asked Google, why are dreams important?

According to Google, dreams enable your thoughts and everyday experiences to be transferred to your memory. How cool is that? This statement makes my dreams analysis so much clearer. As far as my thoughts, I am like everyone else, always thinking about life.  How can I make it better as well as make it more interesting? My dreams often incorporate me visiting amazing places, and I’m usually walking. like I did in the past. I think these dreams are to remind me to keep up with my exercise, stepping. In the back of my head, I know I should, but I keep telling myself I’ll get to it tomorrow. These dreams pop up, so I won’t forget to keep forging along.

When thinking about everyday experiences many of them stick with you, especially when they truly impact your life. Think about it, everyday experiences, especially the good ones, can include graduation, riding a bike, getting married, or buying your first home. Good experiences which are transported to your memory makes you want to make more to dream about.

Although, there’re many experiences that are sad such as a death of a loved one, if dreaming transports he or she to our memory, I think it’s worth it.

I’m so happy to be able to dream because it forever stores memories in your mind. Often, to make things possible, you first need to be able to see it. That’s what dreams do for you.

If you think about it, it’s the people who dream and believe that do big things and make a great impact in the world. No one makes it to the top of their game without dreaming it first.

I don’t know what life has in store for me, but if my dreams are clues, it’s going to be epic. Remember, you must dream it to achieve it!

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