Dying With Purpose

One thing that is factual, everyone is going to die. It’s sad, but true, dying is a part of life. Most hope to live a long healthy life, but when it’s time to transition, hopefully you’re old, it’s quick, painless, and surrounded by the ones you love.

Although everyone must leave this earth, no one wants to know when. What if you had a terminal disease that you knew was going to cause you to die? What would you do with the remaining time you had on earth?

Chris Rosati who had Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) lived knowing he had a very limited time, yet he made it his mission to see people smile before he left. Chris who was diagnosed at the age of thirty-nine was once a healthy vibrant man with a wife and two kids. He was given the devastating news of having three years to live.

Could you imagine being told you have three years to live? The heartbreak, anger, sadness and other emotions one must go through would be overwhelming.

Chris went through a sea of emotions with the news of his grim prognosis, but he made his mind up to turn trial into triumphant. He was determined not to leave this earth without making a difference. He managed to make a major impact on the world leaving a lot of people happy and with smiles on their face.

Chris’s mission included “trying to steal” a Krispy Kreme Donut truck and create Butterflies’ Grants.

As far as the donut scheme goes, they do make most of us happy. I’m getting happy just thinking about them now! Eventually, the Krispy Kreme Company caught wind of his plot and gave him the truck and 1,000 donuts to give away.

Chris then put into play Butterflies’ Grants giving kids $50 to do something nice for people. This act of kindness caught fire and is still going strong today. The Butterflies Grants are even more popular now then back when Chris first started them.


Chris Rosati died a few months ago. Although, many were sad, he will never be forgotten for making so many happy. At the end, will you be able to say that you found your purpose?


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