Early Childhood Assessment Helps Make Life Better

It’s that time again, kiddos are going back to school.

I mentioned in previous posts that due to a difficult birth, my parents were informed by doctors that there was a strong possibility I may have a disability. By them knowing this, they had me assessed at a young age.

I truly believe if my parents had not proceeded with an assessment when I was young, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. Assessments are not meant to hold a child back, instead, its purpose is to detect their strengths and weaknesses. The child’s strengths can be detected from the assessment and used as a tool to make them even stronger; so that they can blossom into the best version of themselves.

On the flip side, when a child’s weakness is detected from an assessment, that’s the time to work on it with activities that will eventually strengthen it.

When I was assessed as a youngster, it was detected that I had a very hard time doing physical things and would get frustrated every time someone tried to make me do something that was difficult. Although difficult, my parents encouraged me to take on physical challenges because the results would bring me great rewards. Because detected at a young age, I worked on the physical activities that were hard for me and, found a way to get them done.

On the flip side, one of my strengths was looking at pictures and making up stories and you know how that turned out for me; I’m now known as, blogger-in-chief.

In today’s world, more children seem to be on the autism spectrum. This could be devasting news especially for new parents. If assessed at a young age, the grim outcome often associated with this disability can be turned around in-order to assure bright futures for the individual.

I’m aware the thought of getting a child assessed can be daunting, but take it from me, I’m living proof this educational instrument is very helpful. It helps line a path for a child to begin to follow for continued growth.

Parents are truly a child’s first teacher, so if you detect your child may be delayed in areas that should come naturally, have him or her assessed. The earlier you do, the better.

To learn more information on Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley’s Child Screening Program, click on the link below.


As you gear-up for a new school year, you may want to consider having your child asses. Begin your child on the path to success today.

6 comments on “Early Childhood Assessment Helps Make Life Better

  1. Jerome Haney on

    Shari how great this blog is. My sister shared those sentiments with me about a grandson, “I notice something about him while he was a toddler, and that’s why I sought professional help.” Those were her exact words. When we pay attention to things about individuals, we learn a lot. Even how we might be able to help them. Thank you Shari for this one, I think it one of your best; if not the best.

  2. Tracy Craig on

    This is excellent, Shari, and so very true. Even with a child that has a genetic disability, it is so critical to maintain solid data on her skillset and the direction that it is moving. Every day, I try to engage with the individuals on Rachel’s team who work with her daily in all areas– cognitive, physical and social emotional. Real time data helps me to plan her path forward and ensure that her experiences are broad and inclusive. Your advice is spot on, and honestly, helps to exhort parents past any fear of what the data may reveal. Data is good. It turns into information. And information helps parents to be their children’s best advocates– disability or not. LOL…I have children in both spaces and good assessment has enabled me in ALL cases. Love your insights, my sister! Keep rising to the top and leading us forward!

  3. Linda Pelfrey on

    Excellent topic. I was born in a time where parents of blind children were not given much in the way of support. In fact, the norm was to send us off to residential schools. My parents did their best with few resources. I am glad parents today can start preparing children for life starting as infants and toddlers.


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