Everyone Deserves To Find Love

In the fairy tale story of Cinderella, her desire was to meet a prince and fall in love. Just like the fairy tale, most people would also like to find a prince or princess to fall in love with. Even if you meet him or her and you don’t fall in love, the least you want is to be able to go on a date to see if there’s any chemistry.

To love and to be loved by someone is a beautiful thing.

The whole trying to meet someone can be tricky. It can often be twice as tricky for a person with a disability.

Typically, the dating age is around age sixteen.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been on many dates when I was that age. I had a few crushes, and there was flirting going on, but I wasn’t booed-up like many of the other girls that I knew. I didn’t begin to date seriously until my late twenties.

I didn’t meet my favorite guy, which happens to be very much my soul mate, until I was in my forties. I knew I first loved him while on a date when he cooked and assisted me with eating without me even asking. We’ve been going strong for nine years and are still very much in love.

To meet someone, you must make yourself available. This is not always an easy thing for a person with a disability to do. There are many factors that come into play. Many people with disabilities rely on others to drive them around, help them dress and do other daily living activities. So, when, or how will you meet someone?

The Netflix series Down with Love has created an awesome way for people with disabilities to meet up and I love it.

Down with Love matches and follows several young people with down syndrome from New Zealand on a few blind dates as they try to find love. The realness of the show is to be appreciated, for it shows the ups and downs of dating.  This includes picking out the right outfit for the date and anticipating the first kiss. Some of the daters matched while others did not. Just watching each episode had me rooting for all to be matched. By the time I got to the end of the series, I even had my favorite couples that I wanted to see even get married.

This series is very refreshing. I recommend everyone to watch it, especially parents of people with disabilities. Often, I believe parents are so caught up in making sure we’re ok that they forget, we still have desires like everyone else which includes finding love.

As you know I keep it real. Many with disabilities are looking for love. Organizations and agencies that assist with care seem to just focus on one’s everyday basic needs. But if one’s plans doesn’t include falling in love, him or her life will never be complete unless we open those doors.

New Zealand is on to something. If they’re open to helping people with disabilities find love, perhaps others will catch on to concepts for as The Beatles’ song says, All You Need Is Love.


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  1. Matthew Rizer on


    I agree with and can relate to everything you said.
    I did not really date in high school as I was by no means popular. However, I am currently into my 2nd year dating this woman who is deaf. If you think finding love is hard try a long-distance relationship like I am in. It adds a whole dimension to things.

    I have seen Down with Love. In my opinion, it is one of the better Netflix Originals.


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