Fact or Myth: Prescription Medication in My Medicine Cabinet


True or False:  
My medications stored within my house are safe because I am the only person that knows where I put the medications and besides most people who misuse medication get it from somewhere other than their home?

In fact, most people who misuse medications get them from their friends or family members. Therefore, it is very important to practice safe medication storage within your home. Secure medications in lockboxes or cabinets located in high places that are difficult for children to reach. If you have medications in your house that you no longer need, take them to a drug drop box to dispose of them safely. Be sure to visit www.rxdisposal.org  for more information on safe medication storage disposal.

The Prevention Team at Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley wants to encourage you to store your medications in a safe way.
To learn more about safe medication storage and disposal, please click here.

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