Fifty & Fabulous

Guess who’s going to be 50 years old on Friday. Yes, me!

I can’t believe I’m going to be half a century old. Feels like I was just 21 years old yesterday. Matter fact let’s look back. When I turned 16, I had a sweet sixteenth party and started my journey to independence. At 18, I couldn’t wait to vote. When I hit 21, let’s just say, I had a boatload of fun doing what people 21 do. The dirty thirties were filled with growing pains and eventually finding myself and purpose. During my foggy forties, stuff started to become clearer. Love found me, I became a homeowner, a dog’s mom, and a stronger advocate. This is where I have been dwelling, stabilized and happy.

Fifty is such a significant number. I remember when my siblings turned this magic age, I thought it was so old. Now that I’ve almost made it to the golden number, I now realize 50 is not old at all. Matter fact, I’m in the prime of my life.

As I reflect on my upcoming birthday, I realize I’ve grown a lot.

There was a time when I thought if I had a lot of friends, they would make me happy. I now know that although it’s great to have friends, I hold the key to my happiness. The friends who I’ve stayed connected to over the years have qualities that I cherish. Once you hit 50, you should be able to have a conversation of substance with your friends.

I find myself not being as apologetic. As a person with a disability, I used to apologize especially when someone didn’t understand due to my speech impairment. These days, I’m like, forget it. Either you get it, or you don’t. If a bill collector can take time to figure out what I’m saying, so can the rest of the world.

Turning 50 has also taught me that I’m happy over the simplest things. I love it when my house is clean. Since becoming a homeowner six years ago, decorating my habitat is what I love doing. My house is my castle and where I spend most of my time. I like it to reflect my favorite guy and my fur baby, plus my wants and needs.

At this age, stress is no longer a big factor in my life. I used to stress out over things that I couldn’t change and nine times out of ten, they usually worked themselves out. I’ve learned to let go and let the almighty intervene. My life truly works out for the good when I do.

Lastly, at 50, I found that I love myself. I’m a fun, cool, and fashionable chick. I like my alone time hanging with just me, myself, and I. Loving yourself is very important because if you don’t you can’t accept or expect anyone else too.

Bring fifty on for it’s going to be epic. Matter fact, I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again! Finish the song y’all.

Happy Birthday To Me!

10 comments on “Fifty & Fabulous

  1. Jerome Haney on

    Yes you are Shari. 🙂 How I remember when I turned 50. The night before I was scared, scared, scared. That was 17yrs. ago. Enjoy it, it only comes once. On a real tip, I am thankful for the years I have behind me. Have A Most Blessed and Bountiful Birthday

  2. Mary Ellen Pfeil on

    Happy 50th birthday, Shari! You have been wise throughout the years. I am glad you already know “50 is nifty!”


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