Float On- Easterseals Celebrates 100 Years In Rose Parade

What are you doing New Year’s Day? Hope you’ll be watching the Rose Parade for the debut of the first ever Easterseals float. The float, in the creation of a 20 foot tall three tired birthday cake, is celebrating the 100th birthday of Easterseal’s. This float represents the assistance Easterseals has provided to people with disabilities and helped them live, learn, and work in their local communities. Many persons with disabilities wouldn’t have the quality of life without their help. Also, to commemorate the event, consumers from the past and present who have received services will be riding on the float, so be sure to watch. You won’t be disappointed in watching because this float promises to be amazing! We are proud to be Goodwill Easterseals!


4 comments on “Float On- Easterseals Celebrates 100 Years In Rose Parade

  1. Margie Wehner on

    As a ‘veteran’ of both Easter Seals and OSU—can’t wait to see the float and the game! Thanks for letting us know about it, Shari.

  2. Mary Falke on

    Cool! Rose Parade is a nice place when my brother took me to watch the parade a years ago. I hope Goodwill Float will go smooth on the road. Have a great time! Mary


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