Happy 100th Anniversary Easter Seals

Growing up, I received services from many different organizations to enhance my independence for the future. One of the organizations that helped me was Easterseals.

This year, Easterseals will celebrate its 100th year anniversary! The organization is to be commended for all the good works they have done over the years to help others gain independence.

Grab bars in the bathroom and hand rails on the porch are what I remember Easterseals providing for me.  These things may seem like simple accommodations, but it made my life easier. Plus, when Easterseals provides these type services, they make sure all cost including labor is included. Labor can often be the most expensive part when making renovations to accommodate for persons with disabilities.

Easterseals also purchased a feeding machine for me back in the early 80’s. The machine granted me the opportunity to be able to eat items that were difficult to spoon such as mashed potatoes, peas, and ice cream. Everything Easterseals assisted me with, increased my quality of life.

When Goodwill Miami Valley decided to combine with Easterseals in 1999, becoming one of seven statewide Goodwill Easter Seals, I was quite excited. I knew of their great works and was sure they would be an integral part to the community.

Over their hundred years of service, Easterseals has helped an array of people. They focus on independence and life enrichment programs. Most of the services are person-centered planned, which gives me and others, the right of choice. Everyone is different and no matter a person’s situation, it’s always good when he or she has a say about their life. That’s what Easterseals is all about. I’ve also heard many stories about care givers who are afraid of leaving their loved ones who are entering the early stage of Alzheimer. Thanks’ to Easterseals, there is an adult day program that provides help.  The program offers stimulating activities, good meals, transportation, and a chance to social.

Senior Services

Easterseals has earned the right to be called one of the leading organizations in its field. I always tell people, “If you don’t have a disability now, keep living”.  Disabilities don’t discriminate against anyone. We need to support organizations such as Easterseals for when your time comes and you need assistance; because you will still desire a quality of life.

Happy 100th  anniversary Easterseals. Job well done! I wish you another 100 amazing years in providing service to the community.

8 comments on “Happy 100th Anniversary Easter Seals

  1. Marty ODell on

    Easter Seals provided speech therapy for my son before he went to kindergarten so he would have a head start and not struggle to be understood. 43 years ago preschool wasn’t available as it is now. I didn’t have to pay anything for those services and Kevin loved his therapist.

  2. April Davis on

    Thanks Shari for sharing! Sometimes tho we may work in the area of service, we need reminding to always do our best, because it makes a difference in the lives of the person’s we serve and their ability to be or become independent.


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